The Hidden Heir

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The Hidden Heir

By: ariendranazril OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Alexander was known as the nerdiest student on campus. He had to live a life of exile. However, he was quite close to the most popular girl on campus, Michelle. She was the girl Alexander loved so much that even made Alexander think that Michelle loved him too. But it turned out it was all bullshit, Alexander became a victim of bullying from rich kids on campus, he was trapped and will be killed by them. Until one morning, when Alexander woke up, everything suddenly changed. His life on campus became very enjoyable according to what he had always hoped for. He became very rich and was one of the most popular students on campus. A return button was pressed, Alexander returned to his miserable life. Alexander’s eyes widened completely when he realized that in reality he was in a two-dimensional world that felt so real. So, in which world dimension will Alexander choose to live? A dimension where he was only known by Jenifer—the nerd with the thick round glasses? Or the dimension where he became very popular and got the girl of his dreams, Michelle?

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9 chapters
The Campus
“Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!”The scream echoed throughout the campus, a scream full of joy as a human child cowered in fear and was covered in stinking rotten eggs.The crowd of students formed a circle, watching the excitement without pity. The cowering figure could only remain silent, starting to get scared.Begging for help? Obviously he can’t! That figure had no one who could help him. He had no friends, he also had no acquaintances.The end, was something what he might feel now.“Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!”“Shut up! Calm down!” The exclamation immediately made everyone completely silent.A man with sapphire blue eyes walked forward a little, then he smiled grinningly at the still crouching figure.“Hey, Alexander Wolvin. Didn’t I warn you to stop fantasizing about my girlfriend? How many times have I given you this kind of warning, huh?”Michelle….The man with sapphire blue eyes grabbed the body of a girl with gray eyes. Both of them smiled triumphantly at the slump of the crou
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Second Life
Alexander stood stupidly in front of the mirror. His eyes were still fixed on the figure reflected in the mirror.It was clear that he was very sure that the figure standing was not him, this body was truly perfect. Tall, athletic body, handsome face. This body was not his.Alexander really couldn’t understand how his gray corneas could turn blue, his big nose could turn sharp. Even his ugly face full of acne became a pure white face with a firm jaw that was so charming.What actually happened to him?Alexander then remembered one thing, when he was electrocuted so badly, it was as if he walked through a door with a very dazzling light. Until finally Alexander realized that there was one object that was stuck with him, yes, that object was a necklace with a golden key pendant which he had been wearing for some time since he woke up in a form that was not his body at all.“How can I be in this man’s body? I’m sure I was electrocuted and then I heard an explosion. But how could I woke u
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Becoming Understanding
The world of college was not going well, because there was an expensive sports car parked in Justin’s parking spot, indeed the parking lot was for the public. But when Justin said that the place was his, then the place would really be his. That was a fixed price that cannot be denied by anyone, not even lecturers.“Damn, whose car is parked in my parking spot? Does the owner have no brains!” Justin got angry. He got out of the car and kicked the car tires.It was a new sports car. Even Justin was still trying to persuade his father to buy him that car, and unfortunately, the car he really wanted was already owned by someone. Even before the launch event started?Justin thought again, who on earth owned this expensive sports car? Because on campus, the only wealthy student was … him.“Isn’t this the car you want to have, Justin? The launch hasn’t even started yet, how can this car already be here?”“Is there a freshman whose wealth exceeds Justin?”Justin’s friends exchanged words, and
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Become an Heir Figure
Alexander left with a big smile, how proud he was of himself after he succeeded in embarrassing Justin and his friends. He had to be grateful for the body of Nicholas Steave that he was now in, because Alexander was now able to slap Justin on the cheek with extreme embarrassment.In fact, it felt like Alexander really wanted to record that moment, the moment where Justin and his friends could only stare. A victory that Alexander had achieved, a victory that previously only existed in his dreams.Everyone looked at Alexander in shock. How could they not?They had just watched this embarrassing incident live. In fact, news about humiliating Justin and his friends had begun to be heard all over campus. All the students on campus were happy, because they felt that Justin had now received an equal opponent.“Is it true that you are Mr. Nicholas Steave from the wealthy Steave family?”One of the students with a skinny and small body approached Alexander who was currently opening his locker t
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Start Revenge
Hearing this, Justin felt annoyed beyond belief. How could he not? He felt he had lost his self-esteem because of the arrival of a figure named Nicholas Steave. The number one richest figure in this country, even one of the most respected business families in the world.While slamming the crystal glass in front of him, Justin looked at the figure he hated so much, walked closer then pointed right in front of the figure.“Do you really want to fight with me on purpose? If yes, then just say so. I will not hesitate to destroy you, Nicholas Steave.”Alexander, who had been sitting with Jonas, looked very relaxed, then his gaze turned to Michelle.It was true that he used to love Michelle, but the woman committed slander which made him a victim of bullying while on campus. This was certainly not a good thing for Alexander.“If you can, go ahead. But before destroying me, Young Master Macrus. You better ask your father first, are you allowed to destroy your father’s most precious business
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Become a New Figure
“I’m sorry, Mr. Steave—”“Just call me Nick. You don’t have to be hesitant to me, Jane.”Jenifer was silent. Jane? Only Alexander called her that. Usually people will call her Jenny. Jenifer looked at the figure of Nicholas Steave who was sitting opposite her, apart from a large round table on which the table pivoted. For some reason, Jenifer felt quite familiar with the figure of Nicholas Steave even though today was the first time the two of them have known each other.“Thanks for the new glasses.”“Even you can see clearly with surgery. I will make an appointment with the best eye doctor in the country, so that you can have surgery immediately.”“But—”“Do you want to be played with by your friends like earlier? Just because you wear glasses, and just because you are poor, you are looked down upon by them.”Jenifer lowered her face deeply. Not long after, the waiter at the very expensive restaurant the two were visiting at arrived, serving some of the most expensive and delicious f
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Restaurant Purchases
Alexander immediately contacted Gob, then he looked at the manager who was frozen stupidly in his place.“Gob, can I ask you a favor?”“Yes, Mr Steave?”“I seem to be interested in the most famous seven-star restaurant in the country. Atlantis Restaurant. Get this restaurant for me, and fire the manager. Appoint a waiter named Antonio to be the new restaurant manager.”“Yes sir.”“Mr Steave—”“Don’t ever interrupt my meal, Mr. Former Manager.” Alexander taunted with a chuckle in his mouth.The manager immediately knelt right at Alexander’s feet, he sobbed and hoped for forgiveness from Alexander.“I’m sorry, sir. Give me forgiveness, this is my mistake. I still want to work, sir.”Alexander took a deep breath, he was not that heartless either. Doing things that will terminate people’s jobs was not at all an evil desire.“If you want to change positions with that waiter, then work as a waiter here. At least this is to teach you a lesson so that you don’t look at the guests in this rest
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Justin's annoyance
“Damn it!” Justin snapped at his two friends.Thomas and Brandon looked at each other, of course this was quite surprising. How could it not be, Justin had never been this angry. Now he got angry easily since there was a new student on campus named Nicholas Steave.“Is there another problem, Justin? Everything is fine, isn’t it?I Thomas asked.Justin immediately slammed the car remote and held his breath perfectly.“You know that man named Nicholas is really impudent, he did bad things to my company, and I don’t accept all of that.” Justin spoke again.Thomas and Brandon looked at each other again, both of them really confused to death. Honestly, neither of them really knew who the man named Nicholas Steave was.“Did Nicholas do anything to your company? Don’t you have enough power?” Thomas asked again.Justin was silent, there was no way he could now admit who Nicholas was. If everyone knew who Nicholas really was, it would be certain that all his friends would flock to Nicholas.“Th
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Lost badly
Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe it when they heard Nicholas’ presumptuous words. Five hundred million dollars was a truly enormous amount of money, and it was almost impossible for Justin to have.Justin couldn’t say anything else, apart from sitting down with a pale expression on his face. This was the worst thing that Justin had experienced and now Justin didn’t know what to do. Justin was confused about what to say to his father, and he was confused of how he should deal with Nicholas.Occasionally Justin rubbed his face roughly, he couldn’t do anything now.“You’re stupid, Justin. Just so you know, Nicholas Steave is the heir to Mr. Steave who has the greatest wealth in the entire world. Never mind just a painting worth five hundred million dollars, he could even buy your life. What is wrong with you? How can you deal with Nicholas Steave?” Michelle tried to get Justin to come to his senses and stop acting out in front of Nicholas. Even though Michelle knew that this was
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