Chapter 1794 Nightmare's End

After the first session is over, Vera leaves and is surrounded by journalists curious to get some testimony from her.

“Miss Reis, are you confident that the kidnapper will be put behind bars?”

“How do you feel after finally being able to vent?”

“Do you believe the nightmare is over?”

Vera finally responds with a confident smile, “I am convinced that the nightmare is over. I contributed to society by having a little peace by denouncing evil and rottenness. Now I’ll sleep more peacefully, thank you.”

A cloud of flash pops over Vera as the journalists try to elicit more answers, but Vera walks away with a graceful wave.

Beto finds her, “Little sister, you were amazing! The imbecile has completely lost control.”

“I don't think he ever had control.” Vera says, “We are the ones who let ourselves be carried away by his magnetism. But he was just an empty package covering nothing.”

“That's great. Take away the famous and industrial Renan and we’ll only see an idiot.” Beto laughs.

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