The Heir of the Family

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The Heir of the Family

By: Rytir CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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No. 3 🥉 [AN INTRIGUE READ] In Meganovel ["Leap To The Top"] contest Victor has lived his life as a hard-working person as a trial from his father. He is actually a graduate from a respectable university, but he is only a pizza delivery man for living. Victor has prepared a ring as a gift for his wife for their wedding anniversary. But the wife throws it away, accusing it for a fake jewelry. She even shows off the $5,000 necklace that she just got from a rich man who she had just spent dinner with in a luxurious restaurant. The wife asks a divorce, for having enough living in a pathetic life with a loser husband like him. One thing that she doesn't know, the gift she just denied is a 1 Million dollars ring, and that Victor is the only son of some wealthy family.


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001 - A Delivery Man Who Can't Bring Happiness
It's summer, and the temperature is 89 degrees (Fahrenheit). A man in a scooter with a banner of pizza is having an errand to deliver an order. When he arrives at the lobby of a pharmaceutical company, the receptionist lady smiles sweetly at him. “You're late again…” The lady halts him and looks at her watch. “Yup, 15 seconds!” The lady continues. “I know I came on time. You deliberately held me back for 15 seconds just now,” replies the delivery man. Suddenly, a man in a neat tuxedo walks by. He immediately takes the pizza box and brings it to a trash can. “Get the hell out of here. We won't pay for it,” says the man, still holding the pizza box above the trash can. The delivery man sighs, and then gets out of the building. He looks so gloomy sitting on his scooter, thinking about the pizza he has to pay. Meanwhile, the guy in the building gives back the pizza to the receptionist. They both burst out laughing. “Tell my dad, I'll go for a while to meet his future daughter-in-l
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002 - A 1 Million Dollars Fake Item
Once inside, Emma falls silent to see what Victor has prepared for her. Everything looks so well-prepared. But somehow, she feels so disgusted. Victor, who is standing behind her, smiles with misunderstood thought. He could not wait for his wife's response, thinking that Emma must be deeply moved by the surprise he has prepared. Without Victor knowing, Emma had just spent dinner with the other man in a luxurious restaurant. No matter how well the table is set by Victor, she couldn't imagine that table being comparable to what she had just gotten from the rich man who had just accompanied her outside. She looks at everything with a despised look. When she turns around, there she finds Victor smiling by showing a glittering gift to her face. Without second thought, she knocks the gift down. “Don’t bring that fake jewelry to my face!” she shouts. Victor is shocked, seeing a 1 million dollar ring has been thrown away. It’s not only about the ring. But also about his feelings, who has
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003 - Why?
He collects everything and takes them outside. And there he finds an old lady from the next door, who just opens the door and greets him with a warm greeting. “Are you okay, Victor?” she asks. “Ah, I’m sorry, Mrs. Greta. I must have disturbed your sleep this late,” Victor replies. “It’s okay. Sometimes that's the fun of living next door. Is everything alright?” “It’s Emma. We were having a wedding anniversary party, and she got drunk for having too much wine. It’s nothing serious at all.” That old lady just gives a gentle nod and smiles. The truth is, she has heard everything and knows that Victor is just trying to hide it. After taking everything to the trash bin, Victor greets the old lady again and says good night. But the lady halts him for a moment. “Victor!” “Yes, Mam?” “It’s normal for a family to have a quarrel once for a while. There’s no family without a quarrel. You only need to take a step back when fighting with a woman. Only that way you will win her,” says the o
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004 - A Badly-done Synthetic Diamond
Victor takes a deep breath. His neck seems to bulge from holding back the mounting anger and frustration. “That’s nonsense. You are the one who has to give back the dowry I gave to you before we married. Since you are the one asking for a divorce, you are obliged to give it back to me. But you didn’t put it in these documents,” Victor argues. “You want a divorce? Fine by me! I'll bring this issue to the court right away!” Victor goes straight to his room. He only washes his face, and after that makes a call to order a taxi. He gets out of the room, still with rage filling his heart. His steps are so fast and rigid with clenched fist. If Emma were a guy, he would have punched her in the face. But he is still able to hold that anger and is still able to speak to her plainly. “I’ve called the taxi for us! We’ll clear these matters ASAP.” But Emma is still just standing there with her arms crossed over her chest. Victor is a little confused and curious, because this should be Emma's
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005 - The Name Is Victor
Suddenly Victor gets another call from Viona, the same woman who had called him before he decided to stop working with that Italian man. [Where are you?] “I'm on my way to the John Brown Law Firm to take care of my divorce. What is it?” [Divorce? Hey, Victor! I don’t care about your problem with that witch girl. We have a meeting with the rest of the managers here. We’ve been waiting for you. I told you to come to our office at 8] Victor immediately ends the call coldly, apparently not wanting to listen to that woman's lecture any longer. When he arrives at his destination, he gets out and still pays the taxi driver double despite the fact that the taxi driver didn't stop talking to him. “Have a nice day. I hope you will still have more money to use my service in the future,” says the driver with a disdainful expression on his face. Lucas, who happens to be standing next to Victor, is now laughing to hear such a word from that old man, as if he knows the meaning of the taxi driv
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006 - The Uncomfortable Rich Man
Emma falls to her deep thoughts trying to digest Lucas's words. Indeed, Victor looked so solemn, gloomy and seemed uninterested as that woman took him into the limousine. However, she can’t believe that Victor is a gigolo. She might think so lowly of Victor, but she has never thought of him that low. But Lucas can’t hold his chuckles. “Think about it again, is there any other plausible possibility. Judging from her attitude, it is clear that she is a high class girl who likes to put people down. Girls like this are mostly unmarried. They prefer to see men as toys to satisfy their lust. Because they are more concerned with careers and money.” Emma is stunned to hear such an explanation. The problem is, Lucas's words are actually very accurate in describing the figure of Lucas himself, only in the opposite position. Now Emma is starting to worry that Lucas might also see herself like that too, seeing women as mere a toy to fulfill his desires. And so, the car keeps going while Emma
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007 - A Humble Advice
Victor tries to ignores her. But just after he gets out, he holds the door so he can talk to her for a moment. “If possible, just use a normal car later. Going around with this would only make me the center of people's attention. Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable at all.” “Why? Does working too long as a pizza delivery man make you uncomfortable with all of this?” asks Viona with a silly smile. “No! But! A Limousine? Why did you pick me up in the limousine anyway?” “Why not? I knew you were having a divorce matter with that witch girl. I decided to use this limousine only to show off to her. Becasue I knew she dumped you for looking so lowly on you.” “Whatever!” Victor waves his hand as he takes his face away. “I just don’t want to go to work by using this limos anymore.” “You don’t need to worry. We’ve prepared another car for you at the office.” Victor puts on his tired face, thinking that it would just another luxurious car. And then, Viona also intends to get out of the ca
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008 - Amateur Captain
Victor is not so offended by Oliver's last words, because they were true. Even so, he is still a little offended when he was teased by Oliver that way. Especially with the way he rubbed his wet hand on his shoulder. Only after he finishes playing with that hand dryer machine, he decides to go to the meeting. He calls Viona again asking for a direction. [Just take an elevator and go to the top floor] “The top floor?” [Yeah, the 23rd floor. I’ll be waiting for you upstairs] Victor starts looking for an elevator. He isn’t really familiar with the condition of that office because it is his first time to be there. Until then, a security shows the way for him. But he has to wait for a while. Given that the building has 23 floors, it might take him a long time to wait there. There are also two female employees who appear and wait there with him. And then… “Ting!” One elevator opens and there’s no one inside it. Victor enters the elevator with the two female employees. Just before t
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009 - Asking For An Advice
After waiting for a moment, Viona asks the others if there are still those who want to leave the meeting room. He even gives a warning to those who decide to stay. “Mr. Charles wouldn't mind if anyone opted out now. But whoever later chooses to stay, after that they will not be allowed to leave this ship.” One of them raises his hand like he wants to ask something. “At least, tell us first the reason behind all this. Why did Charles choose this obscure person to lead this company?” “I have no obligation to answer that question. If you mind, you can leave. We still have a lot of people who can replace all the positions here,” says Viona. That one who expressed that question immediately takes his leave. And after that, another two also choose to leave the room as well. Until finally, there are only 7 people in the room besides Viona and Victor left. “Anyone? After this, there is no option for you to leave anymore,” says Viona. The seven people don’t give any answers. Two of them a
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010 - Damn!
Victor leaves the meeting. None of those executives voice their objections either. Except for Viona, who immediately rushes after Victor to the next room. “Hey, Victor! Where are you going?” Victor answers her as he keeps walking out of the room and heads to the elevator. “Sorry, I have a problem that I need to solve immediately. If I don’t clear this issue, that Mr. Benigno will be mad at me. Even though he's just a pizza shop owner, some say he has a connection with some mafia.” But then Victor pauses for a moment right after he touches a button on the elevator, realizing that he doesn’t have enough money to pay his debt to Mr. Benigno. He has two bank accounts. The one he has used since his college day, which is money he collects by himself. While the other bank account is the money he got solely from his father, William Charles, one of the richest businessmen in the country. He has saved a stellar amount of money since he rarely used it in the past. However, his father had pu
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