Chapter 1982 The Former Concubine?

At Rocha Constructions, Katherine is packing her things to leave and, who knows, never come back. She looks around her office and sighs, already feeling homesick.

“It was nice while it lasted. But I have a feeling I would never be welcome again after everything that's happened. And I have a feeling they're blaming me. They didn't seem sorry about my resignation.”

Katherine wiggles her head and stuffs her personal belongings into a crate.

Her cell phone on her desk rings and she answers it, “Hello?”

On the other side, Elza is very serious, “Kate, can we talk in my office?”

“Mrs. Queiroz, I'm packing my things to leave the office, since your son did me the favor of firing me on television...”

Elza interrupts her, “If you allow me to explain, you’ll understand why my son had to resort to extreme measures.”

Katherine smirks, “But of course, a mother will always defend her dear child! I would do the same if it were J.J.”

Elza counters, “I hope J.J. doesn't marry a troublesome, awful woman
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