Trillionaire they never noticed

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Trillionaire they never noticed

By: Alfred ifeanyi OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Afrer his father gets brutally killed by a rival family, Scott got married into the family with only one goal in mind. Revenge.

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  • Alfred ifeanyi


    And, yeah, three chapters are uploaded daily, so hop on.

    2024-02-19 19:06:37
  • Alfred ifeanyi


    This book is about a man who disguised himself as a poor boy in a certain country to investigate more about his father's death and also get revenge on those who were responsible for it. So, if you are a lover of Mafia, gangs, face slapping, domination, wars, then you should definitely read this.

    2024-02-19 19:05:48
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95 chapters
I'm getting married
"Wait, hold on a minute, this is your husband?!" A woman's voice resounded throughout the room. Her voice mixed with anger and disgust as she glanced at the wretched looking boy that stood beside her daughter in disdain."Yes, mom, This is Scott, the man i am getting married to." The woman's daughter named, Caroline,introduced her fiance to her mother with an innocent smile.Caroline was the daughter of one of the big men around Spain. Her father was the CEO of a big company and earns billions of dollars every month.At the age of 23,Caroline's father, Malcolm Fernando,informs his daughter to get married and give birth to their grandchildren.Later on,Caroline informed her parents that she has finally found someone she wanted to marry and they would get to meet him today.After hearing Caroline's words,Caroline's parents anticipated that their daughter would bring in a nice handsome rich man that was from a well respected home.But instead,she brought in a boy dressed in torn brown fad
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Dinner invitation
Back in the Malcolm Fernando mansion,the whole family were gathered in the living room after hearing Caroline's words."You are getting married? To who?" Malcolm asked with a smiley face."Scott Carden." Caroline sounded with a warm smile."Scott? Do i know him? Is he one of the big shot's son in Spain?" Malcolm asked with a confused expression.Malcolm was a man who dined with presidents and big men around the world everyday. How then hasn't he heard of the guy named Scott Carden?"You don't know him because he's a nobody." Mrs Sheila chimed in,her voice mixed with anger and disappointment."Mom? Don't talk to him like that!" Caroline intoned."It's the truth,Caroline. The boy is a poor bastard who's only dating you to spend from your wealth!" Mrs Sheila shouted."Scott isn't like that. He's a good and honest guy." Caroline answered back."Can you two knock it off already and tell me what's going on?" Malcolm Fernando couldn't take the pandemonium anymore."Ask your daughter!" Mrs She
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Dinner humiliation
"You don't plan on going over there,do you?" Tory asked with a raised eyebrow while they mop the floor of the hall way."I am going. She plans on introducing me to her whole family." Scott replied,also mopping the floor."And then what? They just accept you?" Tory questioned."I hope so. All i have to do is relax and put on my best behaviour. Those people might not be as bad as you think they are. Not all rich people look down on the poor,you know. Some are different." Scott answered back."Tell me any rich person you know that isn't proud." Tory sounded.Scott wanted to mention his name but just decided to remain cool. Even if Scott was a multi trillionaire back home,he has never for once treated the poor badly.He has always treated everyone equally without any impartiallity."That's what i thought." Since Scott just remained silent after the question,Tory took it as a No. "If things get out of hand i could always leave the house. You don't have to worry." Scott assured,tapping Tory
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"Come on,Mr Fernando,there's no decision to make concerning this guy. He is a trash and has to leave this house!" The man speaking was Pedro Louis. Pedro a very successful and handsome man.Pedro was every girl's dream in spain,but out of all the girls,the one he actually liked was Caroline. And now that Caroline brought in a guy that was of low standard,he couldn't help but feel angry."Yes,dad,This Cleaner has to leave this house this minute. I mean,look at him,just take a good look at this trash. He's not worthy to marry the only daughter of Mr Fernando." Luis,the eldest son in the Fernando family voiced with looks of irritation towards Scott."I told you all it's enough,didn't i?" Mr Malcolm spoke. "Young man,please what's your name.""Scott Carden,sir." Scott replied,his voice audible and firm. He never allowed the words of the people around bother him at all,since he knows all the abuses rained on him was directed to Scott and not himself."How old are you,Scott?" Mr Fernando qu
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The day was gradually becoming dark and it was time for Scott to return back home for work. Scott went into the changing room to put on his clothes and walked out and placed the uniform in his locker.After putting the uniform inside the locker,Scott closed it and walked out with Tory. Scott promised to treat her to dinner to celeberate his upcoming wedding.But it's not like Scott actually wanted to take her there,it was all Tory's idea. But Scott had no objection. He had the money to feed the entire country for centuries."Where do you plan on taking me?" Tory's voice reverberated through the dark and quiet company. The time was already very late and everyone already left after work."I don't know,you say." Scott replied while making his way out."Deveraux Restaurant." Tory implored sacarstically. Deveraux restaurant is the biggest restaurant in all of Spain.It is a place where the big shots go on a date and spend lavishly. The food over there was really cost and no ordinary person
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A thief
Hearing the bill of the food they just ate,Tory's mouth became wide open. Even if the bill wasn't so expensive,it was expensive for a guy like Scott.But to her greatest surprise,Scott passed his smartphone to the waiter and instructed him to input the account derails without even breaking a sweat.After inputing the account details,Scott completed the transfer and also ordered for take outs for him and Tory.The take outs was brought and the duo retrieved it and made their way outside the restaurant. Due to how much they had to eat,the duo's movement were slow and sluggish."How did you manage to pay,though?" Tory inquired,still a bit surprised by how Scott was able to pay without even breaking a sweat."Come on,don't be dramatic,Tory. The bills wasn't that high." Scott replied,scratching his curly black hair. "Besides,do you have any idea who my fiance is?" Scott asked with a proud look and a smirk.He chose to pretend that his fiance,Caroline,was the one who gave him tge money to t
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Getting called to work on a saturday morning was unsual. Ofcourse,Scort knew something strange must have happened that was why he was called this morning. But Scott never thought the issue could be this great.An object worth $3,000,000,000 missing from the CEO's office. "The item was sitting in my office yesterday,and when i came in today to give out the item to the rightful owner,i found out it was missing." Pedro Louis explained,glancing at each and everyone of the worker's face as he spoke.Scott shifted his gaze to Tory and he could see her fidgeting. Scott could understand why she was shivering.The duo were the last people to exit yesterday due to them working overtime. She knew they might get blamed for the missing item since they left last."But boss,we all left the company at the same time. I don't understand how it got missing." One of the worker spoke up."Oh reall?" Pedro bluttered,shiftinf his gaze to Scott. "Everyone left,except the two cleaners."Scott stated with a
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All fell on deaf ears
"I swear,i have no idea how that got there. It's not even mine." Scott stated wuth a confused expression. "Oh really? So the bag just seemed to appear insised your locker? Is that what you are saying,Scott?" Pedro blurted. Scott could see the mischievious look on hid face and quickly guessed that the bag was planted inside his locker by Pedro.Scott saw the way Pedro looked at Caroline yesterday and how he protested to him getting married to her. It was clear that Pedro loved Caroline,but Caroline didn't seem to love him back.Pedro couldn't stand the shame of Caroline turning him down just to be with a riff raff like Scott,so he decided to frame Scott to make Mr Marcus Fernando cancel the wedding."I am telling you,i didn't take the bag. Ask Tory,she was with me the whole time." Scott said,pointing towards Tory.Pedro shifted her gaze to Tory after Scott mentioned her name. Tory was now sweating bucket full as all eyes was fixed on her.She knew if she sided with Scott and claimed h
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Expose Scott!
Opening the door,Caroline was expecting to see Scott since they both planned earlier to hang out. But instead,she saw someone she has been trying to ignore lately,someone that has been getting on her nerves."Good morning,Caroline,did you sleep well?" Pedro greeted with a smile. "You look like you are about to head out,where are you going?" Pedro asked,noticing Caroline's clothes and make up."Non of your business." Caroline replied,annoyed by the question."You want me to drop you off?" Pedro ordered,pointing towards his shiny lamborghini."No thanks." Caroline turned him down."Anyways,is your dad home? I have something to discuss the whole family." Pedro voiced."Why? Did anything happen?" Caroline asked with a worried expression etched in her face."It's concerning Scott Carden." Pedro replied. "Can i come in?" Unable to wait for Caroline's reply,Pedro walked into the mansion.Pedro walked into the living room and found the whole family sitting quietly and doing their own thing.W
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Task to prove his innocence
Scott walked into the living room of Mr Fernando and found the whole family there waiting for him. Everyone glaring at him with looks of disgust and hate as he walked in.It was now clear to Scott that Pedro already informed them since he was present there also."Scott,i want you to confirm if what Pedro told me just now is true." Mr Fernando spoke. "Did you try to steal the item from his office?" Mr Fernando questioned."No,Sir,it is all a misunderstanding. I didn't take it." Scott replied without hesitating or stammering."Just shut up!" Mrs Shiela chimed in,her voice mixed with anger and hatred. "You didn't take it? Why then was it found in your locker?!""I told you there was no use inviting him over. He would just keep on denying it!" Louis spat.Scott clenchend his fist in anger. If not for the fact that he needed to marry Catoline at all cost,he would have just broken up with her and get seperated from this wicked family."Scott,Pedro here showed me the video that was recorded
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