Chapter 2045 My Children Will Be Normal

At Marçal Publishing, Katherine is taken to the office of the owner, Bernardo.

He closes the door menacingly, “Sit down, Mrs. Rocha.”

“I'd rather stand!” Katherine reacts in fear, “You didn't need to close the door.”

“I don't want anyone to interrupt us.” Bernardo mysteriously suggests, “Tell me what you came here to do.”

“I came to know what a story this is of Gabriela Alves having done an alcoholic interview with MY husband!” Katherine is brave and bold again, “How many times will I have to say that Josias is MINE?”

“As many times as you want, madam.” Bernardo sits down, “No one is questioning otherwise. Why do you feel so threatened?”

“Am I the one who's just 'feeling'?” Katherine crosses her arms, “I don't understand how Miss Alves meddled in my life. I was informed that she was in the hospital lounge along

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