Chapter 2226 What about the Party?

At General Hospital, Dr. Silvana received a postcard from Antenor in the ruins of Ancient Greece.

She frowns and scratches her forehead, trying to understand how this happened.

Antenor was a poor deadbeat who couldn’t pay mere bills of R$ 100.00. Now he pays himself exquisite trips to Europe?

Shaking her head, she decided to ask that when he got back. Then she got up and started closing the office.

Turning off the air conditioning made it easier for Dr. Silvana to hear hurried footsteps and the uproar of desperate people.

“Oh God, does anyone know where Augusto is?”

“Let’s ask the front desk!”

“Even Josias is here, my.”

“What about Daryl and Diane’s party?”

Dr. Silvana widens her eyes and recognizes the voices of Dora, Simeon, William, and Caio.

She leaves the office before William utters some rudeness to Caio’s question, “Guys? What is

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