Chapter 2287 One More Discovery

A few days later, Josias returned from his mission in Victoria. Tiago was practically camped out in the mansion, waiting for his master to return.

“Master, how was your expedition?” Tiago asked.

Josias chuckled, “First, say ‘good morning,’ Tiago.” He handed his bags to Hector.

“Apologies, master.” The gentlemen entered the foyer. “I’m worried about my niece. Has my wife been around?”

“Yes, Carmen has been a great help and source of wisdom.” Josias sighed. “Rosemary was convinced she did the right thing, but once she truly realized what she had done, she sank into depression.”

“And what about the son of the advertiser? They say he’s from the same agency the Lafayettes are shooting the commercial for.” Tiago furrowed his brow.

“We won’t do anything, especially since Rodrigo works with them. By the way, have you seen the commercials?” Josias asked.

Tiago calmed down. “Yes, they fired the blonde woman who wore tight shirts and rehired the traditional and conservative family, with Rodrigo
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