The Rise of Jerry Hawkins

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The Rise of Jerry Hawkins

By: PenMpire OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Jerry Hawkins thought he had nothing to lose when he married Missy, the daughter of one of the richest families in the country. He loved her with all his heart, even though she had fallen out of love with him. He endured the constant abuse and humiliation from his in-laws, who hated him for being poor and unworthy of their daughter. He lived a humble life as a mechanic, unaware of his true identity and destiny. But everything changed when he received a phone call from his long-lost father, who revealed a shocking secret: Jerry was the heir of a multi-billion dollar fortune that had been hidden from him for years. His father wanted to make amends and pass on his legacy to Jerry, who suddenly found himself in a new world of wealth, power, and opportunity. Jerry decided to use his newfound resources to get back at his in-laws and show them who he really was. He also wanted to protect Missy from their schemes and plots, as they tried to sabotage their marriage and take away their happiness. But would Missy appreciate his efforts, or would she betray him for someone else? Would Jerry find true love and happiness, or would he lose everything he had gained?

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Episode 1
“Honey, please! It’s late already and everyone can hear you,” Jerry pleaded, almost covering his ears because his wife, Missy, was whining about the food he cooked earlier for the family.“You dare not speak to me in that manner! You are not good at anything! Anything at all!” She yelled, while Jerry tried to cover his ears with the pillow, but she yanked it out of his face and he groaned inwardly.“What more can I do to prove my love for you? I have done everything! Everything you’ve ever asked just to make you and your family happy, but you never appreciate it,” he snapped, and Missy didn’t like his tone.“Oh, really? If you would have just kept that job like you promised, then maybe you wouldn’t have to do chores in the kitchen,” Missy snapped back, and Jerry rolled his eyes, rubbing his temples.“You know why I had to leave that job. Your mother is the CEO and she was making life miserable for me. She barely even paid me!” He retorted, while Missy hissed.“Oh, please! That was you
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Episode 2
Missy stormed into her mother’s room, clutching her night robe to avoid it from falling off her. She was furious to see her senior cousins rummaging through her things in her own room. “Mother, what’s going on? Tell me why my senior cousins are all over my things in my room!” she demanded, slightly raising her voice.Her mother, on the other hand, seemed undisturbed by the intrusion. She had a handful of beauty personnel doing her makeup and attending to her needs. She looked at Missy with a smug smile on her already makeup-beaten face. “And who are all these people? What’s the occasion?” Missy asked, confused because it was unlike her mother to plan to go out without her.“Missy, dear. Go and get dressed. Your uncles are coming and some are already here,” Mrs Johnson said casually, as if it was nothing to worry about.“What?!” Missy yelled and stepped closer to the table where her mother was having her makeup done. “Mother, I didn’t know this meeting was holding this soon,” she whisp
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Episode 3
Missy knew Cheryl was sensitive about her age and marital status, but she also knew that her cousin had always been obsessed with finding a rich and handsome husband who would spoil her and make her happy. Cheryl had dated many men over the years, but none of them had proposed to her. She was desperate to get married before she turned thirty, which was only a few months away.That’s why Missy was shocked when Cheryl finally announced, “I’m getting married in three months!” She sounded ecstatic, as if she had won a lottery.Missy expected to see her cousin wearing a modest engagement ring and gushing about some average guy she had met online. Instead, she was greeted by a sight that made her jaw drop.Cheryl was wearing a huge and sparkling diamond ring on her finger. It had a large diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds. It looked like it cost a fortune. Cheryl noticed Missy’s stunned expression and smiled smugly.“Wow, congratulations,” Missy said, chuckling nervously.
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Episode 4
Missy stared at the man sitting across from her, feeling a surge of mixed emotions. Why exactly did she marry this man? Was it love? Was it infatuation? Was it stupidity? Or was she just young and experimenting?Whatever it was, she felt it was definitely the worst decision she had ever made because she was constantly taunted for it, day and night.She watched as he wiped the tears from his eyes, his voice low and shaky, as if he was about to break down any moment. “Okay,” Jerry said, nodding his head in resignation. “If you say so.” He added, looking at her with a pitiful expression. He wanted to cry so bad for the betrayal and unjust treatment from the woman he loved. He remembered when they courted. They were the envy of many lovers.“I wonder what went wrong,” he muttered under his breath, but Missy decided to ignore him. She turned her face away from him, hiding her own pain and confusion. Missy felt terribly shattered. She was trying to be a good daughter to her parents. Her par
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Episode 5
“And all in favor of not?” He added, expecting to see only a few hands. But he was surprised when he saw that more hands were raised than before. He saw that Lilian, Missy, Mrs Johnson, Jerry, and some of their sympathetic relatives were among them.Jordan counted the hands and whispered something in his ear.“Alright then,” he said, swallowing hard. He hated to admit it, but he had lost the vote. “We will not imprison Mr Johnson,” he said with frustration laced in his voice.“So what then do we do to salvage this family?” He asked, trying to sound calm and rational. He knew that they still had a problem to solve. The family business was in ruins, and they needed to find a way to restore it.Mr Johnson shifted a little in his seat, then stood up to speak. He looked nervous.“I have something to propose,” he said and everyone listened to him attentively.“We need to find a bride for the Clandestine family,” he dropped a bomb and everyone gasped.“A bride? For that family?” Someone said
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Episode 6
Missy was overjoyed. Finally, someone had come to her aid.“It is important to note that we were only doing this to salvage the family’s financial crisis. It was a free and fair vote,” Mr. Bridgeton said, trying to justify himself.He was interrupted by a long stern glare from Tom. He had a commanding presence that made everyone respect him.“Free and fair?!” Tom thundered, slamming his fist on the table. “Did I forget to mention that there are so many maidens in the room including your daughter? And you decided to go for a married woman. This vote was anything but free and fair!” He accused, pointing at Mr. Bridgeton with his finger.The people in the hall started whispering and soon their whispers turned to loud murmurs. They had also underestimated Jerry and had no idea how powerful and influential he was. They felt anxious of what would happen next.“Now that we are on the same page, brother take over the ground,” Tom said, handing over the power to speak to Jerry.“Gladly,” Jerry
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