Chapter 2293 Long Live Beto

Days later, Beto is received with honors and festivities back at his home.

All the tenants who were up to date on their rent crowded into the lobby. Beto was moved and allowed himself a few tears. The clapping was deafening and lasted for minutes.



Teresa hugs Beto, “See, dear? They love you!”

Beto visualizes the portrait nailed to the wall, “Hey, did they advance my tribute yet?”

Vera laughs, “And there’s more, bro: Josias wants to build a building in Guarapari with your name.”

Beto looks around until he finds Josias.

“Yes, you deserve it, buddy!” Josias and Beto embrace.

In a corner of the lobby, Daryl watches the scene with some envy. He wanted to win Beto’s friendship, and now he doesn’t have Beto’s or Josias’s! He was only there because of Rodrigo and the Freire family.

Diane senses her husband’s embarrassment, “If you smile, they won’t mind.”

Daryl groans, “I care. We are here, celebrating, but I have to hide in a corner.”

“Do we HAVE to hide in a corn
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