Chapter 2347 Josias and William

The smaller children were playing with car toys, dolls, and a Spandex tunnel that they crawled through, from one end to the other. The tunnel was a gift from Josias to Alan and Caroline.

The tunnel was narrow, even though it was made of stretchable material, and children like Henrique didn’t dare enter it. Only Mary, Ignacio, Sandra, and Maycon ventured out.

Reuben had indeed gone to the bathroom and on returning through the side passageway in his swim trunks, he found the children enjoying themselves. Maycon had just left.

“Wow, what a cool tunnel. Aren’t you afraid when you’re in there?”

“Not really, Reuben, we are brave!” Maycon says.

Reuben narrows his eyes, “But this tunnel is kind of long, huh? Are you sure this is a children’s toy?”

“We do.” Ignacio nods.

Henrique answers, “It serves to train our proprioception. Now, you’ll have to ask my father what that is.”

“Can I try?” Reuben asks with a smirk, “Maybe I need to practice that stuff too. I never had one in my childhood.”

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