Chapter 2358 Benjamin Chose

The four workers who were talking got surprised by who was talking to João Paulo and broke up the group, hurriedly moving away into the company.

João Paulo complains to the person who spoke to him, “Argh, you disturbed me. Now you are the one who will give me the answers I need.”

Sofia crosses her arms, “Answers? What kind of answers? You seemed to be eavesdropping on the conversation of my father’s workers.”

João Paulo smiles playfully and extends his hand, “Pleased to meet you, João Paulo Queiroz Rocha.”

“Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” Sofia shakes his hand reluctantly.

“In my work, I reverse last names.” João Paulo explains, “My brother’s last name carries more weight than my father’s, unfortunately.”

“Jeez, how inconsiderate of your father!” Sofia exclaims in horror.

“My dad is OK with that.” João Paulo blinks, “Miss Vasquez, could we talk about—”

“Wait a moment: who said I’m here to give you an interview?” Sofia exclaims outraged, “My father has given me orders not to spe
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