Chapter 2425 Josias and Melissa Get Married (1)

The day of Josias and Melissa’s second wedding has arrived.

Unlike the wedding with Katherine, Josias and Melissa decided that the ceremony would take place directly in the ballroom.

As the number of guests was small, they found that everyone could fit inside.

Dora and Elza helped the servants place the seats in two sectors, leaving a space in the middle to serve as an aisle for the bride to pass through. The stage where the band would end up serving as an altar.

The guests and Maggiezine staff would walk through the mansion and into the ballroom, marveling at the decor. Flowers were meticulously placed to adorn the space. Extra lamps were positioned on the walls to make the place more illuminated. And the children marveled at the huge table containing the cake and other goodies.

Benjamin was in a suit, but he directed the cooks as far as possible. João Paulo appeared, greeting him.

“Today you must have fun, my comrade. Trust your team.”

“I still need to give one or two directions,” B
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