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A town of Rich people and spoiled teenagers but there are dark secrets that are tied to these wealth. As Damon navigates through life, he starts to uncover dark and uncomfortable truth about the people he claimed to be his friends and families.

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Chapter 1
In the ominous hush of Richville's moonlit streets, pandemonium erupted on that fateful evening. The shrill, piercing wails of police sirens shattered the tranquility, sending shockwaves reverberating through the neighborhood. One solitary gunshot, like a sinister omen, shattered the stillness, heralding a night of unrelenting darkness.As the police vehicles converged on the scene, their crimson and blue lights cast eerie, ever-shifting shadows. Illuminated by the flashing lights, the tableau that unfolded before them was nothing short of macabre—a lifeless body sprawled on the unforgiving pavement. It was none other than Nate, a notorious 18-year-old student of Richville High.Chaos and commotion gripped the crime scene, as the police officers struggled to maintain a semblance of order among the gawking, anxious crowd. Amid the tumult, the sheriff and the seasoned investigator knelt beside Nate's lifeless form, their expressions etched with grim determination.After a meticulous exa
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chapter 2
In the dimly lit chamber of Richville's Town Hall, a clandestine gathering unfolded. Mayor Samuel Grant, an influential figure himself, had summoned the town's nine founding families to discuss a grim matter—the untimely death of Nate. The air was thick with tension, and shadows danced ominously on the wood-paneled walls.The chamber filled with a silent anticipation as the town's most prominent figures took their seats, some accompanied by their partners. Here, in the heart of Richville, power lay not only in numbers but in old alliances forged through generations.Mayor Samuel Grant, his poise unwavering, surveyed the assembly. "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this solemn occasion."As he spoke, the spotlight of attention fell upon the families in attendance:The Grants, with Mayor Samuel and his wife, Roberta.The Harringtons, led by Lucas Harrington and his wife, Margaret.The Worthingtons, represented by Charles Worthington and his wife, Eleanor.The Prestons, w
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Chapter 3
The booming music reverberated through the backyard, where everyone was dancing and cheering, fully immersed in the lively atmosphere. Damon, however, sat beside the pool, his eyes scanning the surroundings, ever vigilant for anything unusual. He had a penchant for suspicion, always on the lookout for anyone not acting as they should.His trance was interrupted when Abigail settled down beside him. She greeted him with a warm smile. "Hey, stranger," she said.Damon turned to her, his curiosity piqued. "Why aren't you partying like the rest of them?" he inquired.Abigail deftly redirected the question back at him. "Well, I could ask you the same."Damon shrugged, leaning back a bit. "You know that's not my thing. I'd rather be on my couch playing video games right now."Abigail let out a sigh, her gaze fixed on the partygoers. "Well, I'd rather be beside my dad, telling him that everything's going to be okay and that this killer is going to be found."Damon raised an eyebrow. "Why aren
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chapter 4
It was 6 pm on a Sunday, and the RichVille High soccer team, RichVille FC, was warming up for their match, scheduled to begin in an hour. They were engaging in fitness exercises and mental preparation to ensure they were ready for the game. Fortune asked Damon if he had given the sheriff the phone, to which he confirmed. "What's going to happen now?" Fortune inquired. Damon replied, stating that he had no idea and preferred not to dwell on it, as he needed to be mentally prepared for the match.An hour later, the field was filled with enthusiastic spectators, and the match was set to commence. Cheers and support echoed from both schools as they rallied behind their respective teams. The commentator announced the exciting match-up between RichVille FC and Rivers FC, highlighting the talent and determination displayed by both high school teams throughout the season. It was a perfect evening for soccer, promising an action-packed game. The referee blew the whistle, signaling the start of
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chapter 5
Tension hung heavy in the air following Alex's bold claim that he had evidence implicating Danny as the murderer. Abigail couldn't quite wrap her head around what she had just heard; it was a gutsy statement. "What do you know?" she asked, her tone tinged with disbelief. Alex thought it best to take the discussion somewhere more discreet and led them to the locker room before spilling the beans."On the Tuesday night we were celebrating our victory, I asked Phillips to film it because I wanted to share it on my social media," he began. He went on to recount the ongoing hostility between Nate and Danny after their brawl at school the next day, marked by intense glares. According to Alex, Diana was Nate's crush, and he suspected that Nate saw Danny getting too close to her as payback. "So, on Thursday, he invited me to go to Diana's house," Alex continued.Abigail interrupted, seeking clarification, "What was the purpose?" Alex replied, "That's a good question." He explained how they di
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Chapter 6
Laura found herself immersed in a barrage of police questions regarding Diana’s mysterious death. It was she who had discovered the lifeless body, entering the hospital ward with an uneasy feeling. She knew something was amiss. Carefully, she tapped Diana a few times, her heart sinking as she confirmed the absence of a pulse and a heartbeat. With a heavy heart, she alerted the hospital staff to record the time of death.Amid the relentless police inquiries, Laura did her best to answer their questions. She chose, however, to leave out the detail that her son and the sheriff’s daughter had been the last individuals seen with Diana in the ward aside from the medical team.The sheriff arrived at the hospital and promptly requested a private conversation. Laura led him to her office, where they began discussing the pressing matter.“How did she die, and why was it already in the news?” the sheriff demanded, his voice laced with urgency.“A friend of hers paid a visit this morning and poste
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Chapter 7
One week later, the somber atmosphere within the church was palpable. A golden casket, beautifully adorned with flowers, occupied the altar, and pictures of Nate were placed beside it.Nate’s mother, Catherine, wept inconsolably, with her husband and some family members attempting to provide comfort.When it came time for someone to deliver a speech on behalf of the school, only one person stepped forward. He spoke of Nate’s supposed caring and loving nature, although many students present knew this portrayal was far from the truth. Their compliance was driven by the need to show respect for the deceased.Finally, as the moment arrived to transport the casket to the burial ground, Danny unexpectedly walked into the church, dressed in a suit. He wished to pay his respects to the deceased, despite the accusations against him. The instant Catherine noticed him, she erupted from her seat, rushing toward him with fury. Danny was at a loss for words as he received a stinging slap across hi
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Chapter 8
Helplessness: a situation where one can’t prevent an undesirable outcome, feeling trapped between the harsh reality and the illusions of one’s own mind. It’s the sense that any action could worsen the situation, yet inaction may lead to the same result. It’s like standing on the edge of a cliff with only two choices, to leap into the unknown without knowing what lies below, or how deep it it. As Abigail gazed out of her window, contemplating her next move to assist her boyfriend, the sun’s rays gently kissed her face while a cool breeze tousled her hair. The combination of warmth and refreshing air offered some solace to her troubled mind.Her father entered her room, inquiring about her readiness for school, but she chose to ignore him, pretending as though he were not even present. “I’m sure you won’t stay mad at me forever, baby, it’s just part of my job,” he said, but Abigail remained silent. Eventually, he left her room and headed to work.At school, Damon observed Alex and Alic
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Chapter 9
Danny stood up, and he and his dad locked eyes in a tense standoff, anger resonating between them. The tension in the room was palpable.His mother rushed to him and embraced him, tears streaming down her face.“Son, forgive me. There was nothing I could do,” she sobbed.“It’s okay, Mom. I know. I’m not going to go to jail. I promise. I’m going to get you out of here,” he vowed. He hoped he would find evidence to clear his name soon and, by any means necessary, free his mother from his father’s grasp. “Pathetic,” Mr. Weston almost spat.He continued, “When you’re done, get the hell out of my house.”They exchanged one last stern look, and Danny left, determined to find Abigail.When he tried calling Abigail, her phone went straight to voicemail each time. He was hesitant to go to her house due to her dad, so he kept trying her phone until she finally picked up. He sounded furious as he asked her why she mentioned his parents to his lawyer.“I didn’t tell him about your parents. I onl
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Chapter 10
During lunchtime in the school cafeteria, Damon, Fortune, Abigail, and Phillips gathered to discuss their upcoming journey. Phillips was sharing all the information he had gathered about the man they were planning to meet, thanks to his mother’s connections. Damon was slightly puzzled about why his mom would share such confidential information with Phillips, but he decided to let it slide as it was working in their favor. Perhaps he was simply too close to his mom.“He lives in Southseas, which is about three hours away from RichVille. We should visit him, ask him whatever we need, and then leave,” Phillips explained.Fortune questioned, “We?” “He wants to come along, and he’s been helpful, giving us all the information we need,” Abigail defended Phillips.“Yeah, after he released the video, is this a way to clear your conscience?” Fortune probed.Phillips replied, “Maybe. I just want to help. I feel bad for Danny, and the video I released helped pin the murder on him. I want to set
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