Chapter 2457 Role Switching

The time has passed. Daryl had to settle for working at Crystal Blue as an accountant and merchandise checker. It was basically what he did before, with the difference that he would now receive a salary for it.

Josias showed up at the restaurant to find his nemesis in the same office, working with half his old enthusiasm.

“Josias? What do you think you’re doing here?” Daryl frowns, “It’s not enough for everything you’ve done. You still need to come here and rub your victory in my face?”

“Daryl, I’m just checking things out,” Josias answers coldly, unfazed by the loser’s neigh.

“Well, the loser is now working as a proletarian, not as the owner of the hottest restaurant in Lagoon City. There, you know how I am. Now get the f**k out, I need to check the salmon supply.”

“I’m waiting on my shrimp risotto. Excuse me.” Josias was about to leave, but he stopped in the doorway and added, “It didn’t have to end like this, Daryl.”

Daryl huffs, rolls his eyes and punches the desk. Is Josias NOT G
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