Chapter 2497 Don’t Copy Daryl

The next day, Sofia wakes up early thanks to her cell phone. She shifts in bed, uncomfortable with the fact that someone is calling before the alarm clock.

“Urgh... can’t I sleep some more?” She complains.

After rubbing her eyes, she checks her cell phone and is shocked to see Caroline’s number.

“It’s the brat, my annoying future sister-in-law!” She listens, “HELLO?”

On the other side, in Caroline’s room, she is awake, dressed casually, and with a vibrant tone of voice, “GOOD MORNING, Sofia! How are you? Did you sleep well?”

Sofia was going to respond rudely that she was still sleeping, but she remembered that she could earn Alan’s respect if she treated her sister-in-law with courtesy, “Yes, Carol, I slept well. Thank you very much for asking. How can I be of service?”

“Do you want to talk to me in an hour at Café Montanha?” Caroline invites her.

Sofia swallows hard. One hour? “Yes, it will be wonderful. We’ll meet there.”

“OK, do you want Hector to pick you up?”

“No, it’s not necess
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