Chap 172

Joe visits Oddie after not seeing the man for a long time. The relationship between the two of them was quite good, especially after Sarah died and Oddie decided to consider Jesslyn as his daughter.

And now, Joe's purpose for coming to see Oddie was to discuss what was happening at Skyland Company. He wanted to get some advice that might help him to overcome the problems that were happening, especially since the man was quite an influential person and had a lot of experience.

"So, the news about SkyLand Company going downhill is true?" Oddie asked. He, whose condition had improved, took a sip of tea served by one of the servants in his house.

"Yes, Mr. Oddie. I would like to hear your opinion on the problems that SkyLand Company is facing. Moreover, you are one of the investors in my company, so you might be able to give some thoughts from your perspective as an investor," Joe pleaded.

"Call me dad, Joe. Aren't we family now? Don't be so formal when we're not in the office," Oddie
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