DIVORCED : Rejected Billionaire Heir

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DIVORCED : Rejected Billionaire Heir

By: ai-chan22 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Joe, the marketing department staff, was constantly insulted and humiliated. He was always accused of using his wife to get the job. He just kept quiet until he finally couldn't hold back anymore. What happens next? Will everyone's views change after knowing Joe's true identity?

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173 chapters
Chapter 01 : Challenge
Joe tidied up his messy shirt and tie, then walked into the CEO's office with the weekly sales report."Didn't you ever learn any manners? Knock on the door first before entering here!" Jesslyn, the company's managing director, reprimanded Joe in a cold voice.Joe, who had been looking down, now raised his head. "I'm sorry that I forgot to knock. But, can you be more polite to me, my wife?"He looked at his wife's beautiful face, who was working tirelessly proving herself as the best hard-working woman.“We’re in a company, here our relationship is only as a boss and employees, understand?” Jesslyn says while furrowing her brown eyebrows.“OK…”Joe nodded his head following his wife's authoritative voice. He could sense that she was disappointed in him.She forwarded the chart paper, and asked him in a high-pitched voice,” Did you work this month anything?”Before I could answer her, she cut me off in between. “Is this work too hard for you?”Joe hung his head low, he knew that he fa
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Chapter 02 : Coward!
The whispers that could be heard were enough to suppress Joe mentally. He had always lived under pressure, so he wasn't used to standing up for himself. However, a few minutes ago, he had promised Jesslyn that he would succeed in selling the property like everyone else, so he couldn't just give in at the moment."I'm sorry, sir. But I can't accept your challenge. It’s not possible to do 100 sales in a day." Joe started to fight back and tried hard to maintain his pride.He understood that he wanted an excuse to increase his workload tougher."Wow, how dare you go against the manager of this company!" Rocky, who had been paying attention, chimed in this time."Right!" Some of the other staff chimed in."Very well. If you feel aggrieved by my challenge, I will make a very favorable offer to you." Oliver looked at Joe for a moment, then continued, "If you win, then I will help you get a promotion or even a gift like a car or something else. How about it?"Instantly, the horde of staff wa
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Chapter 3 : Agreement
Joe took a deep breath, exhaling the cigarette smoke to escape his lips. He was in the lobby of the Seattle Group, the company he had been frequenting for the past three months, to distribute property sales brochures."Shh, what else did he come here for? Doesn't he know any shame at all?" One of the company employees who had just passed Joe to get into the elevator whispered to his friend."Yes! Moreover, he smokes like that. Doesn't he know that smoking is not allowed in this company?!" Another employee snorted in annoyance, narrowing his eyes as a sign of dislike for Joe's behavior.Joe, who heard that, immediately put out his cigarette, then walked towards the receptionist, watching him with a pronounced expression of dislike on her face."Good afternoon, is Mr. Lucas in his office? I have an appointment to meet him this afternoon," Joe asked flatly. He tried to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of being bullied."Mr. Lucas? He's not here!" The receptionist replied curtly."Rea
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Chapter 4 : Fired
"I'm sorry, Mr. Lucas, I came here to discuss the sale of the property we agreed on earlier." Joe cut Lucas off, a cold sweat starting to break out on his body as he realized the words that had escaped Lucas' lips had he not replied quickly earlier."I forgot," Lucas replied. He noticed Joe's strange behavior. "How about we discuss this in my office? We need a more private place to discuss this." He offered Joe to go upstairs to his office precisely because, by now, they had become the spectacle of almost all Seattle Group employees."No need, Mr. Lucas. We can settle it here." Joe breathed a sigh of relief because he had diverted the topic so that Lucas would not tell anyone about his true identity.An identity that Joe had been hiding from everyone, including his wife and in-laws. "Can you come to my company before 9 a.m. tomorrow to purchase the 100 properties I've offered? How?""Yes. You can wait for me tomorrow, and I will come." Lucas promised. He gave Joe a faint smile. He, wh
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Chapter 05 : Useless!
Joe walked into his in-laws' house in a hurry. He didn't even have time to change his clothes, so he went straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner."I need to cook something simple and quick. I'm sure Zack and Mom have been waiting for it."With quick movements, Joe made an omelet and fried some vegetables. Once everything was cooked, he quickly served it on the dining table."What is this?!" Zack, who had been waiting with Rosetta, frowned. He slammed the fork that he had been holding because he felt unappetizing with the food served by Joe."Have you lost your mind, Joe? You're serving me and my mom this kind of junk food for dinner? Seriously!" Zack pushed away the plate filled with vegetables."Sorry, Zack. But that's the only thing I can cook quickly. If I cook anything else, you'll have to wait over an hour." Joe explained. He wiped the sweat that had fallen from exhaustion. Just as he had come home and started cooking immediately after his fight with Hudson, he now had to face
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Chapter 06 : I want a divorce!
Joe tried to recall his meeting with Aaron yesterday, and he tried to dig into his memory and analyze the most appropriate reason for his wife's anger."Asshole! That guy said something degrading about you, Jess. He told me that he would sleep with you. Is that what scared you? Is that what makes you hate that man so much?" Joe pulled Jess' hand, making his wife wake up from her lying position."Answer me, Jess. Has he ever abused you? From what he said yesterday, he must have done some disrespectful things to you, right?!" Joe continued to force Jesslyn to explain everything. His mind was at a loss, and he was confused about where his wife knew a depraved man like Aaron.From when they went to college until they married, Joe didn't know Aaron. He never even met the man once. So, he didn't know when his wife got to see the man, which led to the fear and hatred felt by his wife."Don't keep quiet, Jess!" Joe, who had been curious, continued to force his wife to answer. If his wife was
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Chapter 07 : Go away!
Joe, who was left in the room by Jesslyn, was brooding. He was thinking hard to find a way to calm the showdown. Although Lucas promised to come, all possibilities could still happen, especially since their appointment time was long."What about this? What if Mr. Lucas doesn't come and breaks his promise like Jesslyn said? What if my wife's suspicion turns out to be true?" Joe massaged his sore forehead, having been overthinking lately.While busy with his thoughts, Joe was surprised by Jesslyn's sudden arrival. His wife hadn't knocked at the door, so she quickly approached her husband and said, "Joe, get ready. My father has invited us to have dinner together tonight. He just got home and wants the whole family to eat together in the dining room." That was all Jesslyn said before she walked out of the room again.Joe felt a little confused. It was rare for his father-in-law to invite him to dinner together. Usually, the man didn't care whether the members of this house had eaten."Wha
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Chap 8: I want Your Wife
Zack stared at his sister and brother-in-law with a lazy look in his eyes. He snorted in annoyance as he sneered at their departure, saying, "It's good that you're self-aware, Joe. You two should leave as soon as possible, if possible next Sunday. If you don't leave, don't blame me if I kick you out."Joe and Jesslyn didn't say anything. They both walked away without a care in the world for every diatribe from Zack's lips.Like the couple, Zack turned his eyes to his girlfriend."I'm sorry, Baby. I said some harsh words in front of you." Zack changed his expression for a fraction of a second from looking annoyed to smiling sweetly."No problem, Zack. I understand your position. They need to realize themselves because this house is rightfully yours, and we can't possibly live with both of them after marriage, right? We need our privacy after marriage, and I'm so glad your parents understand that." Noona glanced at Ben and Rosetta, then gave them the sweetest smile possible.Zack felt v
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Chap 9 : New Car!
Seeing Aaron's disrespectful behavior towards his wife, Joe immediately reacted. He, who initially did not want to make trouble before Lucas came, now retaliated against the man by pulling his body and then staring at him while saying, "Shut your foul mouth, Aaron. Jesslyn is my wife, and your mouth full of garbage has no right to utter a single word about her."Joe pushed Aaron's body, causing the man to connect to the back."How dare you!" Oliver rushed forward, he wanted to get back at Joe, but Aaron first raised his hand as a stop code."Don't get violent with him. Think of it, I accepted his rough treatment earlier as a form of battle in getting Jesslyn's heart," Aaron forbade. He looked sarcastically at Joe, who seemed to tighten his grip on his hand due to overwhelming emotions."But, Mr. Aaron, he acted disrespectfully towards you. How could he push a business partner of the company he works for? How dare he!" Oliver was trying to make things worse, and he loved cornering Joe.
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Chap 10 : Get Out!
In the car, Jesslyn looked at her husband, who was driving, with admiring eyes. Her fingers linked. She didn't expect the husband she had always looked down upon and despised to defend her to such an extent. The man even proved his words and was able to fight back against the people who had insulted him with unexpected attacks."Why are you looking at me like that, Jess? Is there something wrong with my face?" Joe raised one eyebrow. He knew what was in his wife's heart but wanted to play with her for a while.With a mischievous look, Joe occasionally looked at Jesslyn, who looked embarrassed at being caught staring at her husband's face for a long time."N-no, I'm just ...." Jesslyn was nervous, her eyes wildly staring here and there until it made Joe laugh softly."Honestly, you must be fascinated with this handsome husband of yours, right?" Joe gave a seductive smile, which was rewarded with a gentle punch by Jesslyn on his arm."Hey, don't hit me. Do you want us to get hurt later?"
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