Chapter 06

Cara's [P.O.V]

My body began to shake as I heard the alpha of our pack growling with the sounds of terror escaping from every movement that he was making.

He was a war material but I cannot say the same for my mate who is being controlled by his wolf self.

"Mum, my mate is out there and It's his wolf controlling him," I said to my mum who immediately turns to look at me like It's the first time that I had said that.

"What?" She asked me with shock and surprise in her every reaction.

"He is an alpha, Cara, his whole body was built for situations like this," My mum says to me and I turned to peep at what was happening outside, In the field.

I could see my dad rushing at them with all his might and speed but my mate just stood in the midst of the occurring chaos and my fear Is In him getting hurt.

He opened his hands and a blue light glowed out with a bright presence surrounding his whole body.

The lights turned into a magical tall bluish transparent-like wall.

There was a wall from his right and left side with my dad and our pack rogues behind him_probably confused at what he was intending to do with the walls he had created with his alpha given powers.

"I give you peace! Go back to your pack and live to fight for another day" he says loudly to them and Pete laughed with his rogues laughing together with him.

"Who do you think that you are?... You created dumb magical walls and you think you can threaten us?" Alpha Pete says as he launched for an attack at Brian.

My heart jumped hitting hard instantly at the mind-blowing sight of the battle.

Brian brought his both palms together and he stared straight at the full moon that had come out to show Its beauty.

Then he opened his palms and a force came out of his both hands hitting alpha Pete away, who was already about to deep his claws into Brian's flesh.

Alpha Pete was about hitting the floor but another force hit him away together with the rogues that were behind him and in ten consecutive times.

Pete and his rogues were hit by a magical force that broke and uprooted trees and raised a lot of sand alongside them.

The battlefield looked cleared as the enemies were cleared away by a magical force that I or anyone is not familiar with.

Luna Elsa's jaw opened wide at the sight her eyes had caught, It was extraordinary for him to have such powers as an alpha.

The already injured alpha Pete tried escaping but got caught by my dad as his supporting rogues had no choice but to flee for their dear lives.

I closed my eyes as I knew what my dad was about to do to his weak body.

Before I could open my eyes to get a glimpse of how he would be killed, a new sight reviewed Its horrific self to me.

There was Alpha Pete's head in the hands of my father and my mate turned to stare straight at my direction with his muscular thrilling body carved like a god.

"Help" he mind links with me and I got out of my mother's hold as I ran towards where he was_supporting him as he had fainted while standing and I asked for support from the battle rogues available.

He fell to his knees but got held up by my dad who placed his hand around his neck and took him back into the house.

I followed behind watching as they took him in since It was his wolf controlling his body, It means that the energy used would not be sufficient as the real soul of the body has to partner with his wolf.

I walked towards my mate and he caressed my face as he arranged my hair behind my ears with so much cuteness in his eyes but then stopped as he fainted again.

"You have saved the lives of our pack and we are in debt to you" my dad, the alpha says and kneels right In front of my mate.

I knelt down too and so did all the members of our pack do as well to show respect and appreciation for his help.

Werewolves must do this by either slitting their palms or by kneeling and bowing so that the wolf will recover back the used up werewolf energy during the battle.

My dad stood up and so did everyone do as well but I could see a type of mystery hiding and creeping itself in his shadows.

"Who is he and how does his wolf have so many powers on Its own?" I asked myself staring at him as everyone had left.

I was certain that he would wake up with his wolf tomorrow as the energy we must have gotten from the_show respect ritual must have made him become whole again.

I went into sleep, with a strange feeling telling me that something was missing but I did not pay attention to It as such feelings are bound to be felt naturally.

I slept off and woke up like It was in a blink of an eye.

I walked downstairs heading to check up on my mate, as the only thoughts that I had in my mind we're all about him and how we would have fun today.

"Brian" I called out his name as I could not find him on the long couch, the alpha_my dad had placed him on.

I went about searching for him but then my wolf started crying already and I could already tell why she cried.

Our mate was gone!

"Brian!" I screamed out unable to control my breathing as my wolf made me restless of the fact that he was gone or lost.

My mum and dad walk out of the house staring at me confused.

"Where is my mate?" I asked them but got no replies from them, with a silenced confusion pushing out my curiosity.

"What did you do to him?" I asked them suspecting that they must have harmed him because they wanted to be the only great leaders or something else.

A rogue rushes towards us with his clothes and skin flesh torn in lashes.

"Alpha Brian has been abducted! Alpha roish kidnapped him. They are going to kill him on the blood moons day_they said He's Brian... Real son of the moon goddess" he says to us and dies as he spat out blood.

I turned to escape so that I could save him but my mum held me like I was being chained with a rock.

"Keep your strength, Cara! we would be going to get back your mate" my dad says as all the rogues had gathered about him.

"When dad?" I asked in a hurry. "Tonight"

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