Chapter 09

Brian's [P.O.V]

The air rushed over my face in a rush as I crashed myself over a tree with sharp thorns as bruises appeared over my arms.

I turned to see a low ranking alpha compared to me rushing towards where I was to land another attack.

I wondered what made him stronger than me, I remember being shot by something by him and I suspect that It is weakening my body fast as I fought him off.

A certain pressure creped through my chest and I opened my mouth as I vomited out blood over the floor.

He indeed is a coward to poison me so that he could win me over our fight.

I watched him slowly launching a punch That I myself knew... I could not miss that with whatever strength I used to protect myself with.

"Brian" I heard a feminine voice that sounded so angelic to me, it created certain sparkles in me.

Could it be possible that the person felt the same pain that I was going through.

His punch made every fiber of my being feel Ill as he had landed a strong punch to my face with intents of death.

My wolf felt disrespected, he was an alpha but I am his supreme in power.

I rushed at him and landed a punch that sent him hitting himself on a tree afar.

I turned to see him as he was breathing in and out speedily to recover his energy.

I staggered towards a direction that a strange feeling of comfort was coming from with a beautiful scent.

Could it be my mate or my mum?

"Where do you think you are going?" The alpha making things difficult for me says from behind me and I felt like laughing out in frustration.

Before I could turn to face him, I received a stab to my heart that makes me shiver in the torture he was giving to me.

My wolf cried to the half-moon that had already come out showing in Its beauty.

Blue light from the moon struck into me and I felt strong again and relieved.

I grabbed him by the shirt storming him over the hard floor in seconds but then someone else was present within me.

"Show your face," I said out as I held the alpha up by his throat, choking him.

"It's me" a feminine yet beautiful voice said coming out from the trees and in a flash was the alpha being collected from my grip with his head cut out from his body which was split into two and thrown on a tree by my side.

That was fast!

The female was a bloody rogue.

She knees and bows before me and I raised her up by the jaw as I stared into her beautiful eyes.

"I remember you, Alena," I said to her and a little smile appeared over her beautiful face as she looked up at me.

I raised her up to stand and I hugged her with so much joy running through my heart and traveling to every area of my body with my veins sparking as well.

She was my thousand years old girlfriend who was a breed of a wolf and vampire.

I guess she survived so long because she's a vampire who is immortal.

"follow me alpha Brian," she says to me and I followed her as she ran with so much speed that I found It a bit challenging.

I ran past her and soon we were both on a road with beautifully looking black machines aligned over the peaceful road.

"What are these machines for?" I asked her in suspicion and she smiled as she opened what seemed to be a door for me.

I got into the machine without talking more as she joined me too but discovering that It was a car stunned me well.

"This is the latest Lamborghini car, only wealthy people of your status can use such cars alpha Brian," she says to me and then stares into my eyes funnily.

I closed my eyes taking the cold air that went through my nostrils.

The air I could feel going into me was a thousand years old and my mum_the moon goddess kept me captive in that ice till now and I wonder why she freed me.

I looked at Alena and a question set into my mind to ask her, but then her next words made me understand myself more.

"No alpha Brian, I do not know why and how the moon goddess freed you," she says shortly.

And before I could ask her the next question in my mind she answered again.

"Your body was found and brought to be investigated by a special scientist and afterward we got information about it and came to get you back but on our way, we heard that alpha Roish had abducted your body and so I came to honor you," she says and gives me a hand sign of peace.

I looked through the window of the car to see the moon shining so bright.

I whined the window down as my next question was for my mum_the moon goddess, "Mum why did you free me and how did you do it?" I asked the moon as I stared at it but she did not reply to me.

I whined up and soon we were at a mansion with rogues in black and white moon uniforms everywhere.

Immediately I got down from the car a packed feeling erupting from my body.

This was the pack I created a thousand years ago with no alpha to rule them ever since but remained strong and firm, all thanks to the rogue of war_Alena.

I had now entered the building and before me were thousands of rogues who saluted me and immediately kneeled as I looked at them on their moon designed uniforms that they were putting on.

By the left were the witches who were all in the air wearing their white dresses in a bowing position to show respect.

Everything seemed perfect but something else bothered me as I walked past them into my royal chambers with my throne designed with pure gold.

I sat down on my alpha throne as I watched them drink and celebrate with my long old girlfriend Alena seating at my left.

But the royal Luna chair by my right was unoccupied and that was what was bothering me since I arrived.

Every great alpha has a great Luna by his right-hand side, but where is mine?

"Mate! Mate!" My wolf cried in me.

I turned only to catch Alena staring at me as well but then she smiled in return.

I walked into my room as Alena dismissed everyone that was present.

"What's wrong?" She asked me and I looked at her in a pitiful manner as I was sure she knew what I was about to say.

"Prepare the rogues, tell them that we are going to take over the alpha roish pack by noon," I said to her and she nodded but still stood before me.

"Okay... Is that all you want?" She asked me to open her silk nightgown.

"Leave," I said to her but then she came closer to me but my next glare was already enough to put her in her place.

She left and I jumped on my bed.

I knew I felt a mate bond in the forest where the alpha roish pack was and that's why I still want to go there... Maybe the loving bond I felt was that of my mate and its left for me to find out.