Oceanic Luna

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Oceanic Luna

By: Renglassi CompletedWerewolf

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Ella is an Alpha's Billionaire daughter, a hybrid of a mermaid and a werewolf, she's highly feared and she's called the boss, but she's never happy because she's addicted to sex... What happens when she gets attracted to her personal sexy rogue chef, who opens her eyes to love but wouldn't let her get what she wants.


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124 chapters
Preface 00
Blurb:-War begins when an alpha Dagro gets mated to the Queen of the ocean who later gets pregnant for him.And because of this;A deadly demon from another world is coming as it is attracted to the powers of Alpha Ronald, the heir to the blue moon pack.The Moon Goddess is afraid of the outcome and Different Alpha's and witches want the child dead by all costs but unknowingly to them... the child carries special powers greater than any hybrids known.As he is a mixture of a supreme Alpha and an Ocean Queen.Read as the enemies of this child's future end up and get to know what kind of power and adventure of the heir the pack will encounter.Still;No one knows what this darkness coming might be.-:Warning:-Hot bad boys - werewolves.Hot steamy mature scenes.Do support with Your Gold coins. ✨You will really love it! ♥️♥️And lets go!! ♥️♥️♥️
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Chapter 01
The beach waves felt too good as I swam further with the Alpha through the warm waters never expecting that anything wrong could happen on the beach. Pathetic me. My dad released my hand and as usual... I swam to get a higher wavelength that I could use to show my skills to him but suddenly as I turned back, he disappeared. I looked to my left and a wave of water rushed over my face and I swam up the beach waters to find my loving father who was just next to me but saw no one. I turned to my right to look for him as my heart began to pound really fast to the fact that my father wasn't with me anymore with blood from nowhere, surrounding me instantly. I started to cry as I shivered in fear. "Dad?" I called out for him as I swam about to find him but soon decided to deep myself into the water. So I could see. It was my Alpha who was supposed to be in his swimming suits with golden armor all over his body like some sort of god. I looked at him in a bizarre way. His hair turns go
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Chapter 02
"Ella? what happened to you?" My father's mistress falls to my side, raising my head up to her. But I still call her mum, she's lovely. "Why are you covered in blood?" "Where is the alpha? your father?" She asked me speedily and I began to cry thinking about what happened to him as well. "No! He gave you his necklace? No! He can't do this to me, He can't die now..." She cried holding me to herself. Did he sacrifice himself for me? I held her tightly as weak feelings rushed through my body at once with my eyes closing. Then, I woke up in the shock of the nightmare which I always dream of even now that I am just turning eighteen. I find it difficult to believe that all that was a dream or a childhood imagination of mine. My father, the Alpha, is still nowhere to be found. All I crave is to know my purpose. So that the darkness of those days - fright. Will not shut my eyes anymore. "Ella" my mum called my name and I answered back with a yeah. "Ella" She screams like she is i
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Chapter 03
If only she knew that I had cut my finger and had fallen down from the stairs... I wonder what she'd do or say concerning it. "Your master is on his way," she says and I signed annoyed because I had to go through training from a Warlord who happens to be a professor as well, so I learn two things from the same person because I'm blind. "Don't put on that face Ella, I know you don't like him because he is too strict but if you listen carefully, you would understand that he is passing a message which is what you must concentrate on learning... Like usual, he's an award-winning professor too." She adds. "The award-winning old man you pay so much to teach me, mum?" I said and I heard her exhale. "Don't worry mum! I'd concentrate." I said as she helped me sit down on the parlor chair gently. "What is that now? Don't tell me that you are hating on him?" She said and I looked away. "Mum No! His voice sounds nice, please get over it already, I know I am a blind seventeen years old girl,
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Chapter 04
I went down with my palm rubbing over his trouser with him getting immediately hard. So hard that I could feel his dick. And it was so huge! And long! I kissed him back as he held me tightly to himself just for him to release me when footsteps came from the stairs. I laughed cause it was a bit funny and Ronald laughed as well. I wish I could see his grownup face but that just reminded me that he has a girlfriend. I should not have kissed him even though I love him but wait... He kissed me first. Probably flirting and I fell for it. "So how is your girlfriend?" I asked him and he breathed out and I can already tell that something was wrong somewhere. "Ronald! She did not deserve to be broken by you." I said to him, getting pissed at the fact that since Ronald was fourteen he secretly formed a habit of having girlfriends and dumbing them down the earliest. "No Ella, this time it wasn't my fault, she actually was getting engaged in a restaurant where I went to get dinner from."
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Chapter 05
"They are swimming clothes actually, I want you to free the pain of your past in that beach," he says gently. "I really want to go there so that I can face my fears but my mum would not let me go because the doctor asked her not to take me there ever again," I said to him and he held my hands. "I just wish I could see my dad again and thank you for believing the fantastic horrific story I told you about my dad," I said to him and I could already tell that he was smiling. "Actually I found it hard to believe, but your dad was a hybrid so that figures the reason why it's true" he says and I lay my head over the seat edge as I closed my eyes about devouring him because he did not believe me for all these years. "I'm joking, to be sincere I believe you because there wasn't a trace of your dad anywhere so i think you need to ask your mum some questions." swiftly he advises. "Ronald my mum would not let you take me out of this house especially to the beach because that is contradictory
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Chapter 06
"All this is for my protection, Ronald, and I think you should respect them and calm down man... Have you forgotten that I am blind?" I said and he put me more in his arms and I Giggled a bit that he noticed but still gracefully ignored me. "I am taking you to the beach next tomorrow but I don't know when I should come to carry you without Luna knowing," he said to me and I smiled. "You should just ask my mum first, cause I might not follow you anywhere," I said to him and I tried to picture the kind of face he was putting on because of what I said. "Did I hear you're going out?" My mum says from the dining room as she walks towards where I and Ronald sat speedily. "Don't say a word!" Ronald whispers as she walks closer towards where I and him were. "Well, I was just telling Ella how it would have been so nice for me and her to go out and she was like no... I'm not allowed to because of my condition" Ronald says and silence followed as I kept chill. "Well, it is not like I do no
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Chapter 07
"Stop crying! I'd be okay, at least I have the best mother on planet earth and a friend that shows me love." I said holding Ronald's hand. "But mum! I need to free my guilt, it kills me every day to tell you what happened to dad and you categorize my stories as a painful fantasy." I said as I began to cry as well. "The alpha sacrificed himself to block a realm of darkness from the ocean and water brought me to the shores, I need to see my daddy if he's still alive, so you either follow me to the beach with Ronald or you let Ronald take me there," I said to her and she slides down from the chair to the floor. "Ella, the witches told me to never take you to the ocean because it may affect you mentally, you have to follow the witches order sweetie, and you have to understand that your dad is now just a spirit." She says. "I don't want to lose the only thing that gives me a future to live for please Ella." she begs holding my knees. "Mum! People take a risk to survive, don't you see t
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Chapter 08
-Ronalds POV- I have always loved Ella like my sister but since I learned what it means to be a rogue I started avoiding her lately. We simply can't be. She's an Alpha's daughter and I am just a rogue unworthy of her bloody royalty. I was growing older, with beards, a height that made me look down on people not for the reason that they were irrelevant but for the reason that I was actually tall. I started dating when I was fourteen because I did not know that I was supposed to wait till I was eighteen. My teen hormones just kept pushing me to do irresponsible things with girls. Ella has always been an amazing person to talk to even though she was visually impaired… I could not help but notice other amazing things about her. She was a light chocolate stunning beauty that was hidden in the house by her mum due to her condition for her own protection. The luna was strict on me bringing my other friends along with me to see her and once I understood why her mum started pushing me
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Chapter 09
Since her father died and she lost her eyes, many people say it's the curse of the gods but I know that it is not any of that because she got blind as a result of an accident. I didn't know what exactly happened to her but I can tell that she must have hit her face or head hard on something thick like a rock to have gotten that illness. I wish I could make her see me, I wish I could tell her that I loved looking into her beautiful eyes but could this wish of mine ever come through? I am just a rogue after all. Luna later explained to my general about the relationship he had with her daughter and that is the reason he lets me come over to her chambers to stay with her but now that he knows how stubborn I can be, he doesn't care much about it anymore. Since all these years I have dated many girls that rush me because they all love the fact that I am really handsome and sexy too. Ella, on the other hand, tries to show how interested she is in me even though she is blind and all thes
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