Chapter 15

Cara's [P.O.V]

"What a beast... He even wanted to kill his old-time lover for me?" My wolf growled in amusement and I frowned.

"What did you feel?" I asked her and she kept silent for a while.

"He is our mate, I am certain of that, and he has strange powers in him," my wolf said to me as I concentrated on what she was saying to me.

"What strange powers?" I asked her and she transformed my right hand into that of my wolf which is white in the fur color.

In my paw was something glowing... Like a blue kinda force magic.

"He's sad, the heart is broken and something with powerful negative energy lies inside of him... His heart is still frozen" my wolf says to me with a sad feeling erupting inside of us.

"I'm beginning to believe that maybe he is the son of the moon goddess cara, what do you think?" She asked me

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