Chapter 16

Brian's [P.O.V]

My blood dripped and spilled over my white shirt as Cara kept stabbing my arms from left to right.

Even so, I wasn't feeling the pain. I wondered what made her hurt?

"Cara!... Cara where are you going to?" I asked her as she walked down from the pulpit after being crowned Luna.

Her silver looking dress with silver stones glittering but with very sharp edges that were like knives at the same time.

So It has to be special or something supernatural.

It couldn't be the gown Alena had bought for nineteen million for her as It had a supernatural presence on Its own and I couldn't see any flaw of It at all.

She walks with the wolf's traditional knife in her hands and everyone Kneeled except her parents and the rogue of war, Alena.

"Cara, what must be granted for you on this day?"

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