Chapter 50

Sira's [P.O.V]

I was godly banged out last night.

It's a new day and the demon has been released.

I never knew that being a fire werewolf meant something totally different from all that I was thinking about because I thought I was the enemy.

They Never came to understand that I was the savior of them all since the monsters that the vampires have been able to create against werewolves are so powerful that it kills even our wolves and so I had to save my parents.

I gave their wolves to the moon goddess and I lost my parents because I didn't really appreciate the powers since I thought I was the bad guy who was taking away innocent people's wolves and making them lose their memories.

Renadon was now missing.

I searched for Renadon in every corner and he finally seemed to have come and he was not just looking normal but on fire acting on the same pur

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