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Derrick is the new CEO and dragon alpha of his father's pack who has kept his gay sexuality a secret, but things get steamy when his father remarries leaving him home alone with a stepbrother called Brian who becomes his roommate and loves to sleep naked, though its heat season and they're unable to control their secret sexual urges for each other, and as much as he tries to hide his gay nature... The Rainbow mating day is coming and he just discovered that Brian happens to be his soulmate which means that he would have to accept his sexuality and love for Brian been made public to the world, although his Mate isn't ordinary either as he is born with rainbow fire abilities.


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Chapter 01
Dong! Dong! Dong!   I hear the gongs of the mating season.   My veins begin to harden as my boxer enlarges in size.    The Heat season has started.   Even so, I needed to travel out today for my mum's mating ceremony to see the Alpha... I have no choice but to attend it so she doesn't feel I don't care about her.   I ran through the forest as fast as I could as the leaves of the forest rushed through my face as I held my boxers hard, trying to get myself to where my girlfriend was.   I was bisexual, so I thought.   The urges and craving to bed someone as fast as possible were already killing me.   I knew they weren't going to be any mercy for my girlfriend this time.   I reached my girlfriends' apartment and I saw her being fucked by someone else.   Was he the reason why
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Chapter 02
[Brian P.O.V]   I looked around to see that I was now surrounded by six muscular senior Rogue's.   They looked at me ready to kill me at the same time.   I could sense their impatience.   "I have always hated you, from your overly handsome face to your perfect body parts" Faro compliments walking closer to me.   I was bare-chested, naked, and staring at all these rogues admiring my ribbed-out body.   The heat power was still on.   Did they want to rape me?   I'd gladly say Yes though.   The waves are killing me.   But they meant their duties.   "You had the guts to humiliate me before your so-called dead lover! She never loved you either!" He said and I looked at him upset.   "Even so she didn't, I don't blame her either, especially wh
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Chapter 03
[Brian's P.O.V]   His eyes darkened for a moment there as he held my shirt.   "Listen to me, this is my room, watch where you sit or you will get fucked!" He said to me as I looked at him a bit scared because I didn't want to get to fight him.   Especially for the first time.   "I didn't know you were sitting there, I'm so sorry bro," I said to him as he stared deeply into my eyes.   "And don't think you scare me cause I am a tough rogue!" I said back to him to avoid him thinking I am weakling as I grabbed his hand over my shirt and threw it off.   He looks away acting annoyed.   Then he looks at my lips again, grabbing my arm tightly.   "You see this?" He says holding me by my arm.   I looked at what his finger converted into claws and I nodded a yes in fear.   He had alpha p
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Chapter 04
[Derrick P.O.V]   I stared at my stepbrother looking at how cute he was as he stood staring at me with his sexy body.   I looked and was older.   I didn't like the idea that my father was now with a new woman.   She wasn't my mum.   But I had to accept that my mum has passed now and I have to understand that we would meet again in the spirit world.   And it wasn't my father's fault to get mated to his mum by the moon spirit and they were sure of a reason.   I stare at the guy I just met today.   Am I jerking his dick right now?   His huge horny dick.   What is wrong with me?   What's wrong with us?   I looked at his pink lips as he stared at my lips with his hand going through my back till it grabbed my neck bringing me closer to him.<
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Chapter 05
[Brian's P.O.V]   I woke up from the bed seeing Derrick wearing a new cloth as he looked at me from the mirror at the wall with his dick print showing so badly over his white silk boxer.   Something inside of me wished that I sucked his dick last night as he had asked for it but I don't know why I was so uncomfortable to do it.   Maybe it is because these days experiences have been really weird.   "I see that you have woken up... Do make sure that all that happened last night remains buried, I don't want anyone getting to know that I almost had gay sex because of the heating season." He says putting on his short jean trouser which carried his long dick print over it.   "Of course, even the mating day is coming and we are both going to belong to ladies that we do not even know," I said to him and he chuckled.   "How is that funny? It seems scary to me because
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Chapter 06
Brian's POV   I looked at my mum from afar as my heart begins to shake as lighting transferred into her body with the alpha literally screaming.   We continued the dance and exchanging from one person to another as I kept my eyes concentrated on my mum.   I see the Alpha burning off as she tries to contain the same power.   The crowd holds hands and the witches stop drumming and I held Derrick, then he stretches his hand towards his father.   And once he holds his father, the Alpha.   His father holds my mother in return.   And the lightning rushing through every fibre of her being fires back to the moon.   A loud bang comes back and everyone was displaced by the waves.   It felt like a bomb had occured.   Derrick flies off hitting at me and we both roll till me ended up at th
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Chapter 07
Derricks P.O.V   I quickly released Brian as soon as I heard footsteps approaching us.   I didn't just lick and kiss him.   His wolf had to be a female to seduce my straight wolf.   "Oh my goodness Brian and Derrick!" She says walking closer to us as she looks at Brian's lips and mine with blood.   She cleans our both lips as she stares at us with concern all over her face.   "I believe you two know what this means?" She asked and Derrick stares at her like he was confused.   "It means that Brian is your beta, your shield, your eyes, and your armor." My father, Alpha bona says as he walks towards where we stood naked.   "Lena, clothe them." He commands.   And the leafs raised like air over my body and back to the ground and I could see myself dressed in white.   It was the sam
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Chapter 08
Brian's P.O.V   After derrick whispers into my ears... I wondered what he was up to this time but then he turned me over.   I turned facing the wall.   Derrick kisses my neck licking my neck as he went downwards from my neck towards my butt.   I shivered and my dick got harder.   He reaches towards my butt hole sucking on it so badly that I let out moans as he continued.   "Derrick...." I call his name as his leaking was driving me crazy all of a sudden.   The way he held my waist was stunning and the position he took was hella hot and sexy too.   He sucked my balls from underneath me and I was dying to fuck him or get fucked by him.   Then it happened again.   I began to feel like a lady as he kept sucking.   Then I began to feel his tongue going into my
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Chapter 09
Brian P.O.V   I stare at Derrick pet me as he kisses my forehead trying to make sure that I was okay after he nearly just killed me because he didn't get a real pussy.   I laughed a bit and he smiled in return.   He was so huge and I was not sure I was ready to let him take and use me to satisfy himself fully.   I didn't have a pussy and it made me sad.   I wasn't even sure he really wanted to do it.   It's very much possible that the main reason he wanted to do it is because he can tell I really like him.   He grabs me by my arm and puts me into the bathtub.   He owns the shower of warm water which quickly filled the bathtub and he sat over it looking at me.   His dick was just in front of me.   So I decided to let him have a good taste of my lips.   I gr
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Chapter 10
Brian's POV.   I got stabbed multiple times as I stare at the rogue deeping his dagger into my chest.   The blood gushing out begins to spill over my body and my blood begins to turn blue over my skin and I can feel my bones twisting and my skins moving.   Something was not right about what was happening to me, it was as though they were turning me into something hideous as he kept stabbing into me.   I finally begin to lose consciousness as my body begins to lose its life and once I opened my eyes again.   All I could see was a different body I carried all over.   I got carried up over the rogues arms.   I looked over to see Derrick staring at me weirdly.   He was still healing.   I stretched my hands out for him to help but he couldn't.   I should have known he was stabbed y
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