"You don't say that about a man, you have no idea what a typical man can do. Let alone the one who's so pressed. Bet with me, he's even going to poo in your food."

    Light laugh serrated, like the saw do to the wet tree. Then the leader of the Six said in mockery,

     "Spill that. What'd you mean by saying that? To ridicule him? He's a man of course. Or you meant to say he's a woman?"

    There was a struggle to make humor out of it by the six, but since he was their leader, whether humorous or not, they were bound to laugh of course. 

    Then at once, one of the two fellows who seemed to have this distinct flow stopped. He raised his hand to shun all who were feigning the laughter. 

     "You don't boss around, man. Put your hand down, I'm the boss here."

   The boss stepped for

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