The doomsday conspiracy

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The doomsday conspiracy

By: ola OngoingMystery/Thriller

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Robert Bellamy, an agent of the ONI receives a mission on behalf of NSA: to locate the witnesses of the crash of an experimental meteorological balloon in Switzerland, for which he is only given the date, the place where it happened, and the fact that the witnesses were passengers of a bus tour. He is given an unlimited budget but is told he must work strictly under cover. After he finds the first witness, he discovers that the meteorological balloon was actually an alien spaceship. He tracks the witnesses one by one and reports their names to NSA. Without his knowledge, the names of the witnesses are then communicated to the intelligence organizations of their respective countries, and each of them is assassinated shortly after. These actions are coordinated under the name "Operation Doomsday", under the leadership of a figure known only as Janus.

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  • hallow


    so far it's very interesting ..., alien and all. nice

    2023-01-01 00:06:07
  • John Cleanheart


    it among my best novels

    2023-03-25 19:47:04
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71 chapters
uetendorf, SwitzerlandSunday, October 14, 1500 Hours***The witnesses standing at the edge of the field were staring inhorrified silence, too stunned to speak. The scene that lay before them wasgrotesque, a primeval nightmare dredged up from some deep, dark depths ofprimitive man's collective unconscious. Each witness had a different reaction.One fainted. A second one vomited. A woman was shaking uncontrollably. Anotherone thought: i am going to have a heartattack! The elderly priest clutched his beads and crossed himself. Help ,e fatehr. Help us all. Protect us againstthis evil incarnate. We have fully seen the face of Satan. it is the end of theworld. Judgment day has come.Armageddon is here....Armageddon... Armageddon...*** *** ***Sunday, October 14, 2100 Hours *FLASH MESSAGE* TOP SECRETE ULTRANSA TO TOP DEPUTY DIRECTOR COMSEC EYES ONLYSUBJECT: OPERATION DOOMSDAY MESSAGE: ACTIVATENOTIFY NORAD, CIRVIS, GEPAN, DIS, GHG, VSAF,
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chapter 1
Day oneMonday, October 15He was back in the crowded hospital ward at cu chi base in Vietnam and Susan was leaning over his bed, lovely in her crisp white nurse’s uniform, whispering, “ wake up, sailor. You don’t want to die.” And when he heard the magic of her voice, he could almost forget his pain. She was murmuring something else in his ear, but a loud bell was ringing, and he could not hear her clearly. He reached up to pull her closer, and his hand clutched empty air. It was the sound of the telephone that fully awoke Robert Bellamy. He opened his eyes reluctantly, not wanting to let go of the dream. The telephone at his bedside was insistent. He looked at the clock. Four A.M. he snatched up the instrument, angry at having his dream interrupted. “Do you know what the hell time is?”"Commander bellamy?" A deep, male voice."Yes-" "I have a message for you, commander. You are ordered to report to General Hillard at National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade at oh six
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chapter 2
The National Security Agency is hidden discreetly away on eighty-two rambling acres at Fort Meade, the size of the CIA complex in Langley, Virginia. The agency, created to give technical support to protect United States communications and acquire worldwide electronic intelligence data, employs thousands of people, and so much information is generated by its operations that it shreds more than forty tons of documents every day.It was still dark when Commander Robert Bellamy ar- rived at the first gate. He drove up to an eight-foot-high Cyclone fence with a topping of barbed wire. There was a sentry booth there, manned by two armed guards. One of them stayed in the booth watching as the other ap- proached the car. "Can I help you?""Commander Bellamy to see General Hilliard." "May I see your identification, Commander?"Robert Bellamy pulled out his wallet and removed his 17th District Naval Intelligence ID card. The guard studied it carefully and returned it. "Thank you, Commander."H
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chapter 3
Ottawa, Canada2400 HoursHis code name was Janus. He was addressing twelve men in the heavily guarded room of a military compound."As you have all been informed, Operation Doomsday has been activated. There are a number of witnesses who must be found as quickly and as quietly as possible. We are not able to attempt to track them down through regular security channels because of the danger of a leak.""Who are we using?" The Russian. Huge. Short-temperde"His name is Commander Robert Bellamy.""How was he selected?" The German. Aristocratic. Ruthless."The commander was chosen after a thorough computer search of the files of the CIA, FBI, and a half dozen other security agencies.""Please, may I inquire what are his qualifications?" The Japanese. Polite. Sly."Commander Bellamy is an experienced field officer who speaks six languages fluently and has an exemplary record. Again and again he has proved himself to be very resourceful. He has no living relatives.""Is he aware of the urg
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chapter 4
Dustin "Dusty" Thornton, deputy director of the Office of Naval Intelligence, had won his fame as one of the greatest athletes ever to come out of Annapolis. Thornton owed his present exalted position to a football game. An Army-Navy game, to be precise. Thornton, a towering monolith of a man, had played full- back as a senior at Annapolis in Navy's most important game of the year. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, with Army leading 13-0, two touchdowns and a conversion ahead, destiny stepped in and changed Dustin Thorn- ton's life. Thornton intercepted an Army pass, pivoted around, and charged through the Army phalanx for a touch- down. Navy missed on the extra point but soon scored a field goal. After the ensuing kickoff, Army failed to make a first down and punted into Navy territory. The score stood at Army 13, Navy 9, and the clock was running. When play resumed, the ball was passed to Thornton, and he went down under a heap of Army uniforms. It took him a long time
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chapter 5
The limousine was waiting at the river-entrance parking lot. "Are you ready, Commander?" Captain Dougherty asked. As ready as I'll ever be, Robert thought. "Yes."Captain Dougherty accompanied Robert to his apartment so he could pack. Robert had no idea how many days he would be gone. How long does an impossible assignment take? He packed enough clothes for a week and, at the last minute, put in a framed photograph of Susan. He stared at it for a long time and wondered if she were enjoying herself in Brazil. He thought, I hope not. I hope she's having a lousy time. And was immediately ashamed of himself. When the limousine arrived at Andrews Air Force Base, the plane was waiting. It was a C20A, an Air Force jet. Captain Dougherty held out his hand. "Good luck Commander." "Thanks. I'll need it. Robert walked up the steps to the cabin. The crew was inside finishing the preflight check. There was a pilot, a copilot, a navigator, and a steward, all in Air Force un
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chapter 6
Day Two0800 HoursThe next morning Robert approached a clerk behind the Europcar desk. "Guten Tag.”It was a reminder that he was in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. "Guten Tag. Do you have a car available?""Yes, sir, we do. How long will you be needing it?" Good question. An hour? A month? Maybe a year or two? "I'm not sure.""Do you plan to return the car to this airport?" "Possibly."The clerk looked at him strangely. "Very well. Will you fill out these papers, please?" Robert paid for the car with the special black credit card General Hilliard had given him. The clerk examined it, perplexed, then said, "Excuse me." He disappeared into an office, and when he returned, Robert asked, "Any problem?""No, sir. None at all."The car was a gray Opel Omega. Robert got onto the airport highway and headed for downtown Zurich. He enjoyed Switzerland. It was one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Years earlier he had skied there. In more recent times, he had carried out
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chapter 7
The first piece of the puzzle lay in the tour bus, and Robert drove to Talstrasse, where the buses departed, as though it might reveal some hidden clue. The Iveco bus was brown and silver, small enough to traverse the steep Alpine roads, with seats for fourteen passengers. Who are the seven, and where have they disappeared to? Robert got back in his car. He consulted his map and marked it. He took Lavessneralle out of the city, into the Albis, the start of the Alps, toward the village of Kappel. He headed south, driving past the small hills that surround Zurich, and began the climb into the magnificent mountain chain of the Alps. He drove through Adliswil and Langnau and Hausen and nameless hamlets with chalets and colorful picture-postcard scenery until almost an hour later, he came to Kappel. The little village consisted of a restaurant, a church, a post office, and twelve or so houses scattered around the hills. Robert parked the car and walked into the restaurant. A waitress was
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chapter 8
I’m getting too old for this, Robert thought, wearily. I was really beginning to fall for his flying saucer fairy tale.Hans Beckerman was staring at the metallic object on the ground, a confused expression on his face. “Verfalschen! That is not it.”Robert sighed. “No, it isn’t, is it?”Beckerman shook his head. “It was here yesterday.”“Your little green men probably flew it away.”Beckerman was stubborn. “No, no. They were both tot – dead.”Tot – dead. That sums up my mission pretty well. My only lead is a crazy old man who sees spaceships. Robert walked over to the balloon to examine it more closely. It was a large aluminium envelope, fourteen feet in diameter, with serrated edges where it had ripped open when it crashed to earth. All the instruments had been removed, just as General Milliard had told him. "I can’t stress enough the importance of what was in that balloon."Robert circled the deflated balloon, his shoes squishing in the wet grass, looking for anything that might gi
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chapter 9: simple misunderstanding
Later that day a press conference was held inGeneva, in the austere offices of the Bundesgasse, the Swiss Ministry of Internal Affairs. There were more than fifty reporters in the room, and an overflow crowd outside in the corridor. There were representatives from television, radio and the press from more than a dozen countries, many loaded with microphones and television gear. They all seemed to be speaking at once.“We’ve heard reports that it was not a weather balloon …”“Is it true that it was a flying saucer?”“There are rumours that there were alien bodies aboard the ship …”“Was one of the aliens alive?”“Is the government trying to hide the truth from the people …?”The press officer raised his voice to regain control. “Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a simple misunderstanding. We get calls all the time. People see satellites, shooting stars … Isn’t it interesting that reports of UFOs are always made anonymous? Perhaps this caller really believed it was a UFO, but in actu
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