Chapter 24

Ron and the others went to where the monster lives, after waiting for a couple of minutes the monster come out of its lair.

When the monster sensed their presence it thought that creature came back to finish its job but when it saw Ron it felt relieved and said “why are you here, you should come in”

Ron dropped Nate and his stuff near the monster and said “we came here to deliver this and be on our way”

Lucy was scared by the monster's presence and it notices that so the monster tried to look friendly to her but that result in her hiding behind Faith to which Faith said to her “you do not need to get scared by it” even after saying that Lucy was still scared.

Ron did not notice any of that because he was focus on how he should train the other two then Faith approaches and whispered to him “are you sure about that, don’t get me wrong I know this monster is not like the others but still I do not think it would

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