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A group of people get sent to a world filled with monsters, animals, and many other races besides humans. To get another chance to heaven, and this story would follow them Khalid, Nate, Lucy, Faith, and Ted. It is about them getting through a trial together, a trial that was suggested by God and created by Satan and the guide that would be helping them a demon named Ron.

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    keep updating. is there any social media that i can reach out?

    2021-07-23 13:41:42
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47 chapters
Chapter 1
When Nate wakes up he felt like crap they did not say anything like this would happen but again Nate felt that they were sloppy in their job of explaining things to him, so he took what happened to him as another mistake. Nate felt better for some reason then he remembered what Ron told him “God give Satan some powers so he can judge people fairly, one of them is to change the participate body to what they used to be”. Nate returned to his 20 years old body that didn’t have any back injury or his bad leg, Nate never felt more alive especially because his lunges returned to before he had his cancer. Nate to run, jump, push up and squat to make sure that everything was alright he notices something else, that he was in the middle of the forest all by himself he yelled to see if there was anyone else there then heard a faint sound and so he ran towards the source of that sound. When got near the source of the sound he stopped himself he thought that it mi
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Chapter 2
Faith was still worried that she still didn’t find Lucy, but she couldn’t leave Nate on his own while he was like that. After running away from that monster that was after nothing else happen, Faith just waited for Nate to wake up, while she was thinking about what just happen and hoped that Lucy was ok. Ivan the one that transfers people to Aestraqar notices that when he sends Nate and Faith something wrong happens, they were sent to a forest near the place where they suppose to be transferred to. After a while Ron arrived at Ivan’s place and Ivan told him what happen, Ron got angry “uh really why would you do something like this” “I am not sure,” said Ivan “maybe it was because of the number of people that came so I made a mistake like this” “Can’t you talk to them, maybe you helped them to get out of that place?” asked Ron “I can’t talk to any participant and you know that if anyone figures that I talked to them I would get punished
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Chapter 3
When Khalid and Ron arrived at the village, they saw Lucy and she was searching for Faith and she was about to give up on that, then she saw Ron and went running toward him and asked while there were tears on her face “what happens, where is Faith, one moment I was with her the next she disappeared” Ron wiped her tears and said “you do not need to worry about her she is a safe place and I am sure that she will get here in no time” when Lucy heard that a smile started to show on her face while she was wiping others tears on her face “Really,” said Khalid “from your conversation with Ivan it looks like that, Faith and Nate were in danger”  “Is that true” asked Lucy and she was about to cry “Like I said they are in a safe place you do not need to worry about them’ said Ron “But he said that they were in danger” Ron glared at Khalid then he looked back at Lucy and said “why are you listing to him, do you even know him, weren’t I the o
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Chapter 4
Ron was puzzled about something and Lucy notices that so she asked about it, Ron ignored her so she asked again and again until he sighed and said “for some reason, I just can’t find Nate at all no matter how hard I tried” Lucy got scared that something terrible might happen so she asked “so what does that mean, why you can’t find them” There were two reasons as to he can’t do that and both of them Ron did not want to tell Lucy, but then Khalid said ‘well maybe he is unconscious, maybe that the reason that you can’t find him” When Lucy heard that she looked at Ron with teary eyes and said “is what he said could be the reason why you can’t find them” Ron tried his hardest to calm himself then he said “even if he is unconscious does not mean that they are in danger” then he poked Khalid hoping that he would be able to say something not stupid, Khalid agreed with what Ron said Lucy was relieved after hearing what they said but she still has some
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Chapter 5
Nate started to move and Faith saw that she thought that something might happen to him so she went to him to check up on him, then suddenly Nate opened his eyes when he saw her he suddenly tried to stand instead he hit his head with hers. After his head stopped hurting he looked at Faith was about to say something but Faith did not let him speak instead she asked him “how did you find this place, this whole forest everything look alike so there is no way you did that on your own and how did you run away from that thing” “I was fast enough to outrun that thing,” said Nate “also the tree were able to help me a lot to hide from it, as how did I find my way back here when I managed to run away from that thing, I tried to remember where is this place but I did not pay any attention to where I walk, and I was about to fall down a cliff then I heard a voice tell me to stop” At first, Faith thought that he was lying but she did not think of any reason why he would do
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Chapter 6
Nate was a bit worried about Faith after the talk that he had with her, she wanted to get out of the forest that they were in as fast as possible, and Nate still remembers what the voice told him about the danger in the forest. So he wanted to make sure they were ready before they start moving again. “I get it, Faith you want to go to a safe place and make sure that Lucy is ok” said Nate “but before that, we should be careful before we do anything because we don’t what we will face out there” Faith crossed her arms and said “yeah I understand that, so what we need to do then” “You told me that you talked with Ron, I just want to hear the whole, please. I am sure that you told me the most important stuff but I just have the feeling there is something that is missing” One of the things that Ron told her no matter not to tell Nate was about Khalid and nothing else, so she tried to calm herself then start to tell Nate about what Ron told her when it was l
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Chapter 7
After Faith said that their body can get stronger like a character from a video game Nate was delighted by that and since there were levels and Hp that he figured out what type of game their body is from. And he loved that kind of game since he can get better at it the more time he spends on it. At first, when he saw his grandson Max play a game named Final Hero, a game about nobody named Shaun that had no skills or talent that went on a journey to prove himself, and after a long harsh journey, he saved the country that he came from.  Max didn’t like the game that much he wanted another one but his parents bought this one by mistake so he plays it once and because the storyline was cringy and the graphics were bad he didn’t want to play it anymore but because that his grandfather watch it while he plays it he nag to play whenever he came to visit until Max taught how to play it. Nate thought it would be hard to learn how to play but Max told him it was s
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Chapter 8
After what they saw both Nate and Faith were sure if they kept going like before they would encounter something like the bear before and they wouldn’t be as lucky, so they decided it would be better for them to be careful while they walking. After walking for some time there were a lot of questions that Faith wanted to ask but didn’t know when she can have the chance to ask them, so just waited when they rest then she would ask. Nate started to get tired and from the look of it they are not even close to exit the forest, he turned to Faith to suggest that maybe they can rest then he saw that she was far away from him so he waited for her to catch up then he sat down then he suggested that they should rest for now. Faith took this chance to ask “can you tell me more about the menu and the things that in it, I didn’t understand anything from what Ron said to me” Faith regretted that she asks this question after she saw his reaction. Nate always wanted f
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Chapter 9
Nate started to explain to her if they going to be in a group of people then each one of them needs to know their role “there are different types of roles in the party like Support, DPS, tanks, and other things” he talked for while about this, then he notices that Faith looked confused. Nate said “ok this is my fault I should know that you won’t understand what I am talking about since you don’t play games” “This great I guess, so how will you explained for me to understand” Nate stood up and walked around while humming then he stopped and said “I get I think I should give example so you would get understand what I am talking about” he pointed at himself “well you see I can’t do much damage and I have a high defense and with my skills, I would be a tanker, a tanker would be someone that would be able to attract the enemies attention to him or her”  “How did you figure that out,” Faith asked “I was with you the whole time? So when did you have the
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Chapter 10
Since Nate has some knowledge they both decided that it would be good that he would the leader until they got out of the forest. But they had a big problem since they didn’t have anything that would be useful to fight anyone, so Nate told Faith that they should avoid fighting as much as possible since there would be a high chance of injury. When Nate explained most of the spells to Faith they started to move again, there were not any problem or any monsters attack after this because they were more careful than before after the rabbit and the giant bear, they had with some bugs but they were not in danger because of them. When they were about to exit the forest suddenly Nate’s head started to hurt and it was worse than when they were searching for Lucy, Nate needed some time to adjust to what happened to him, Faith tried to help Nate by using one of her spells but she didn’t how to cast it neither did Nate. After multiple failed tries, Faith came with an idea
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