Lycaon: The Flaming Alpha
Lycaon: The Flaming Alpha
Author: Zuxian

Zeus was famished after the long war with Poseidon; Athena was already betrothed to Poseidon, and he (Zeus) wouldn't rather his daughter be given to his worst enemy.

He returned after marring Poseidon and leaving scars on Athena and demanded for Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus to bring him a meal.

   Lycaon went to reflect on the instructions tossed. Then he returned with halves of meats in a bowl made from the skins of Cheetah. Served the meal to Zeus.

He ate the meal and began to feel very funny within himself. He heard a crooning in the depth of his consciousness only for him to discover that he had eaten the remains of a sacrificed boy. Ah! He was vexed.

    Burnished in rage, he summoned in a whistle, the family of Pelasgus and spelled a doom on them: they were all changed into wolves.

Upon that, they were sent away from amongst the gods. They were borne by worn winds to a jungle, to live in the world of those they'd created. 

    But their fate met with new twist when Poseidon would trade dialogue with them for the fall of Zeus.

Theycould browse and access two portals (humans and wolves), that is, change from wolves to humans and vice versa. The first of their kind; the first sect of Werewolves to ever exist. 

     Alas, the struggle knew a stray turn when Athena fell in love with Lycaon who did repay the generous love coin. Focus was diverted. Poseidon wouldn't watch him marry her despite the fact that he had betrothed her against her will which was veil to Zeus. 

     The werewolves fought together and subdued the pious Poseidon. This brought the truth to limelight before Zeus who wanted Pelasgus and his family back amongst the gods.

One for bravery, two for subduing his foe. But twas too late. The werewolves during the fiery struggles had discovered their power which would help them survive as a special specie. 

    Wolves living on earth got  to know about the new specie wolves who had come to snatch their fame. Even humans were interested in joining the packs since love was a spell and they could not resist the beauty of the daughters and sons of Pelasgus.

Struggle upon struggle were birthed as these new sects of wolves made by curse tried to edify their identity and create a generation.


    Lycaon was to be the Alpha in the place of his father. Who should lead the pack instead of the one who'd brought the curse! The Flaming Alpha. 

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