Lycaon: The Flaming Alpha

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Lycaon: The Flaming Alpha

By: Zuxian CompletedWerewolf

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Following the synopsis (in the first chapter), the Alpha was faced with so many problems that he felt he would quake. While his pack was at war with some real wolves, (they were werewolves kicked down by Zeus from heaven. Zeus had turned them into wolves) he was helped by some Nymphs after he had been shot by some humans. The Nymphs needed him to be their leader to fight some Centuars as a token of appreciation. His pack had been colonized by the real wolves. He couldn't leave the Nymphs neither by choice nor force. He did complete his contract with the Nymphs and went to fight for the freedom of his mates. He was shocked to realize that the rogue, Chloe had become their leader and Darius, the sage was dead. He needed to fight for being an Alpha and retaining the honour, but neither would the mates accept a leader who forsook them, nor would Chloe go down by choice. He would go back to the Nymph for help.

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  • Chibuzor Victor Obih


    I love the introduction of Greek mythology

    2020-11-20 07:14:18
  • Zuxian


    Thanks for reading...

    2020-11-16 15:33:12
  • Shana


    Too good!! Intriguing and unique ? loved it ❤️

    2020-10-28 18:00:56
  • Abubakar Abdullahi


    A nice piece I personally love reading about stories with a bit of Greek mythology in it

    2020-10-14 05:07:23
  • Idol


    Wow! Nice plot.

    2020-10-14 04:19:05
  • Javyriah


    Amazing work is done by the author. It's really great to see the writers coming up with great plots in alpha stories. Good work ?

    2020-10-03 22:49:58
  • Ryoshi


    This is exciting. I love your writing. The style and characters are terrific.

    2020-10-03 00:15:09
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31 chapters
Zeus was famished after the long war with Poseidon; Athena was already betrothed to Poseidon, and he (Zeus) wouldn't rather his daughter be given to his worst enemy. He returned after marring Poseidon and leaving scars on Athena and demanded for Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus to bring him a meal.   Lycaon went to reflect on the instructions tossed. Then he returned with halves of meats in a bowl made from the skins of Cheetah. Served the meal to Zeus. He ate the meal and began to feel very funny within himself. He heard a crooning in the depth of his consciousness only for him to discover that he had eaten the remains of a sacrificed boy. Ah! He was vexed.    Burnished in rage, he summoned in a whistle, the family of Pelasgus and spelled a doom on them: they were all changed into wolves.Upon that, they were sent away from
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The Wolf's Hood
Welcome to the WereWolf's community;✓ Alpha - The leader of the pack✓Beta - Second in command to the Alpha✓ Delta - A Beta in embryo. Such is training to be a Beta.✓ Salutary - The doctor amongst the wolf. The herbal wolf.✓ Sentinel - The security of the pack.✓ Elder - The sage amongst the wolves. He has better experience about the pack.✓ Hunter - Skilled hunters amongst the wolves in the pack. ✓ Scouts - They are like mouthpieces. They warn the pack about the dangerous societies beyond their territory.✓ Guardians - A caring wolf. Such shows care for the weakened mates.✓ Omegas and Pups - Omegas are second to the lowest wolves. They are usually young wolves with less experience. Pups are young to too but are with social freedom.Rogues: These are rebellious wolves. They either have be
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   "I'm quite sure you're a stray, cos by any chance I've never met anyone like you."     He watched the wolf flexed his limbs nigh as he poised his guts for some haughty strike. He began to browse his consciousness for the right word to say.He knew that he couldn't dilly-dally for long else he would be caught off guard. He didn't want that to happen. No one would matter-of-factly.He could read pride seeped in the visage of the wolf. He never knew that there were real wolves in that jungle. They were Werewolves. There was quite the difference. Yet he couldn't fathom how easily twas for the so called real wolf to discern him. Damn! Earth didn't turn out to be what he had envisaged. He knew he had no time to savor thoughts and make confetti of them. He could really use actions. T
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    "What are you doing here?"      He wasn't sure if that was the right question to ask. He couldn't think straightly. What he was seeing couldn't complement his thoughts. He could see her taunting tits screaming at the top of their voices to get noticed by some passersby. He knew he would be that passerby. There was no other person there. And for the first time in the long while he was confused. What he had seen was beyond what he had expected. That wouldn't be the first time he would be seeing her. He even had seen her before he had left the pack for a walk. He was sure that he hadn't taken quite the much time before she had come looking for him. He wasn't complaining. Twas obvious that she did love him and wouldn't want anything odd to befall him.
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      "Yummy"        He fell on the berth as she came all over him. His claws were sharp. He was careful not to dig them into her flesh. He would be careful enough. He knew what she wanted at the moment. He was supposed to grab some sleep. She had actually advised him to do just that but she happened to be that who wouldn't avail him. He couldn't push her away. He couldn't ignore her. He couldn't resist. She was more than what she seemed to be. She wasn't only beautiful but enchanting. He wasn't so disciplined to ignore a lady of such make. And of course he did love her. He was actually confused. He didn't know who loves who more amongst the two of them. He wasn't sure if he did love her than she loved him or vice versa. But one thing he was damn sure about was the fact that he could kill for her. What had made him subdue the crazy Poseidon because of her. Hw would do everything to protect her. He would a
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     "What would you say now? Ah!"       He wasn't sure what was happening. How possible was it? He was in the bed getting laid quite the while ago. What was he doing in the depth of the waters chained? In the depth of the sea! How did he get there? Who transported him? He wasn't sure what was happening to him. Or was it some hallucinations which did complement sex with the daughter of the father of all gods? He didn't know what was happening. His thoughts eluded him. Twas quite better to say that his head was blank and was void. Well,darkness was oozing in the mental horizon. And he was humbly hoping that the light would come on. Come on and lit his instinct. Come on and shed a shred of its shade on his gloom. He needed to be sane for a while. Being insane wasn't an option. His hands were heavy. He was chained. His hands and legs separately, then together. He was chained such that, his hand were locked up, hi
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[Quite the numbers of things to discuss now...]      Aside from the tone of their skins, they looked more like humans. Or to say, they were humans. Like gods who were humans. The tone of their skin was glazed with ash and does have its stray. Everyone there was retaining the human form. They always were. Hardly would he see many of them take the form of wolves. Space shifting wasn't really a thing until they were faced with quite the battles or had reasons to fleshen their rage or suit their wishes. Sundry things did propel sundry reactions from each of them. He knew those he could count on. His father wasn't actually one of them. He had no idea why he was feeling so odd about him. An instinct loaned him the felon fact that he hated the fact that he was the Alpha. Probably he was jealous. He couldn't really be sure. He was making hypotheses. He hadn't made himself an Alpha. He had been made by the mates. His was not to turn the offer down. Was he
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     "Did you call that meeting or briefing?"       Pelasgus moved aside as he sat. He had no idea why his father was being jumpy. There was no point in moving aside. There were different erected logs which he could sit on. He was being careful. Like he was girding his hampered heart for it. He knew what was going to happen anytime soon. His father's actions were not farfetched. He would throw garbage of words at him. But he had no digs to veil the odds and tame the taunting odors. He was ready for whatever twould take. He looked at him. What was that question for? He couldn't be sure. Was that to get on his nerve or bruise his authority? He wouldn't call that questioning his authority. He would rather it as assault. And he wouldn't take any form of assualt. He kept his rage in its cubicle. He didn't want to rend it. He could use pored patience. At least for the meantime. He was skeptical on what would be supp
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    "And who do we have here?"      Kinda a sac was taken away from his head. Twas like a hood or something close to it. He tried to remember what had happened. He was making efforts to sweep the smithereens of memories into a whole and set the whole for a deal. He wasn't sure if that was the best thing. But obviously he wasn't sure what the best thing was or would be at that moment. His mental ken was widening and he was trying to think in vain. His throbbing thoughts were heaving sighs. He wanted to contain them but he wasn't sure how to go about that. He could never be sure. Why would he? Twas really happening too suddenly and he had no time to make meaning of the whole shit. He was being cautious what feeling to make of the present condition. He didn't want to make a stray ones which would mar him. He actually could make rage of it. But how bout if twas licked by the fiercer fury of whoever they were. He also c
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     "Been two days he's gone, what do we do?"       Athena was acting a Luna for the time being. That was not supposed to be? Well! The pack rule was different there. Dribus, the elder brother or Pelasgus was supposed to be in charge. Pelasgus was no interested. He was yet trying to snap outta his shock and blows he had received from the attack. He was sure that so many of them had no idea what he was going through. So many would never trail a track of his own rage. Twas beyond getting hurt or falling. But being violated. His instinct was violated as well as his rage. He should be mad at everyone. Probably he should be mad at the wolves who were supposed to be the security. He had no idea what they were doing when they were attacked: himself and Lycaon, his son. Matter-of-factly, they just finished having a meeting that day. He remembered that the Rogue was taken away by the security. Probably he wouldn't be
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