Nameless District

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Nameless District

By: Nameless Swordman OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Surrounded by foreign organizations, the Nameless District is a hotbed for mobsters, thugs, prostitutes, and dirty cops. This district was created to get rid of the troublemakers who were hated by the upper class. The district is also home to two "Handymen" who take jobs for the mafia and the police force that no one else can handle. The two, named Kay Liavin and Malvinn Lundon. Their job is nothing short of crushing gangs and maintaining the stability of the Nameless District untouched by law. As a result of a mafia attack, the district becomes a battlefield tainted with greed and violence, leaving its citizens caught in the crossfire. During anarchic chaos, Lynzie Jasha appears as a mysterious girl who becomes the target of the mafia. The two handymen got the task of catching her. As the district continues to crumble under conflict, will the two handymen be able to use their powers to protect the district's weak citizens, or will they waver and try to get Lynzie Jasha for their benefit?


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8 chapters
1| Mysterious Phone
Ring. Ring. Ring. The phone keeps ringing from the third floor of one of the old buildings. A man in a black shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows was standing by the window. There was a katana sword in his hand. He ignored the ringing phone on the table and was more interested in the wet street below. "Malvinn, you're ignoring phone calls again?" complained Kay Liavin, who had just emerged from the bathroom. The towel was wrapped around the man's waist, and his shoulder-length red hair was still wet. "What are you watching?" "The new residents in the building next door just beat up a girl in the alley. Now he's travelling in his new Bentley with two bodyguards. Should I finish him off?" asked Malvinn without taking his eyes off the dark, deserted alley below. "Stay there, and don't interfere!" Kay hissed, lifting the receiver to his ear. "The Rogue Brothers here. Can I help you?" said Kay in his flamboyant voice over the line. "Kay Liavin, 27 years old, ex-Scard soldier le
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2| Black District
"Hey, Boy!" said Kay. "I've never seen you before here. Are you new to this district? My advice, you'd better hand over the backpack, and we'll let you go free." The baseball-cap figure shifted slightly in place; his hands gripped the backpack straps tightly and slung them over his shoulders. Malvinn, standing behind the baseball cap figure, took a step forward while dragging his sword across the floor. The sound of blades scraping was very piercing to the ears of the baseball-caped man. "Don't get in my way!" shouted the baseball cap figure, ducking deeper to hide his face. His breath sounded rough. "This stuff is mine. I got it first." Kay grinned as he tilted his head to the right. "What did you say? Your voice is as small as a girl's. I can't hear it." Click! Kay pulled the trigger and pointed it at the boy in the baseball cap. "You better put down the backpack and get out of here. As long as I'm still kind to you." Kay was ready to shoot the gun at the young man, but from b
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3| Dirty Work
A police car with white headlights shone sharply at Kay, who was driving. In the next second, Malvinn disappeared from behind Kay. No one knew where Malvinn had gone. However, Kay, who couldn't dodge, was forced to stop exactly ten inches in front of the police car blocking him.Kay pulled the brakes really hard in time. Motorcycle tires squeaked and left a black trail on the asphalt. Kay cursed angrily because his trip was blocked."Fuck! Can't you guys just let me go home in peace tonight?" Kay complained as he took off his helmet and got off the motorbike.An old man with grey hair and a coarse beard that had not been shaved for several days got out of the police car. The man's body was skinny; it even looked like walking bones. His face was wrinkled from exhaustion and lack of sleep.A cigarette that was only half-smoked squeezed into the man's mouth. His hands were tied to the gun belt at his waist."Why are you taking so long, Liavin?" reprimanded the police officer while clampi
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4| First Cleaning
"Tell me, what conditions do you want? You better hurry. I don't want to be seen here with you guys. What happens if they think I'm a police officer from a neutral side that seems to be siding with one of your factions? This will be bad for the reputation of the police force. If the four pillars of authority intervene, it could become a disaster in a Nameless District."Malvinn had gone and sat on his motorbike. He will while wearing a helmet. It was Kay who was left who approached Inspector Robert and whispered something.Inspector Robert sighed. "Yeah, whatever! Just take whatever you like. Most importantly, this job is done and doesn't cause any more problems." Inspector Robert walked away from Kay, waving his hand.When the gray-haired man was in the police car, he slightly opened the glass window and said to Kay, "Don't forget to leave the victim's identity. So that we can identify them.""Don't worry, Inspector Robert. It's a small thing to do.""Are you sure you don't need thes
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5| Failed Negotiations
Kay kicked the arm of the man who was trying to stab the girl in the baseball cap with a dagger. The dagger bounced, and the man screamed in pain. He was furious and wanted to retaliate. However, the man backed away in fear when he saw Kay Liavin standing there.His other two comrades hid in a dark alley to trip the girl, and the other waited not far away; they all backed away in fear as soon as they realized Kay was coming."Just watch; one day, I will definitely repay you!" shouted the man whose leg Kay kicked. They just ran wild and left their guns on the road."Today, we often pass each other," said Kay casually. "Usually, I just sneak glances through the window in my office."Kay bent down and reached out to the girl sprawled out on the wet street. "Are you okay?"The girl slapped Kay's hand roughly. She chose to stand alone even though with difficulty. "What do you want? You also want to snatch my bounty this time?""Even though we've been neighbors for several months, this is t
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6| Having No Shelter
Malvinn immediately dodged to the side. His ears could hear the direction of the bullet very clearly. He stood stiffly at the side and didn't move at all. Malvinn looked disappointed and surprised because his target was actually shot by someone who had just come from behind him. The muzzle of the gun was now right next to Malvinn's ear.Malvinn turned and realized Kay was already standing there. With his two pistols, he shoots Henry's men and leaves Henry for the last part."Malvin! You're always like that!" Kay protested. "You're having fun with them alone and ignoring me? I told you to wait until I came. I've only been on business for a while, and you've got them all with your sword?"Malvinn just smirked and pulled away. He took a handkerchief from his back trouser pocket and wiped the bloody blade of his sword. As he took a cloth, a portrait fell from Malvinn's trouser pocket.Malvin chuckled back. "Didn't you have fun with the girl?""Hah?" Kay surprise. "Weren't you the one who
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7| Five Million Coll
The girl in the baseball cap pointed the gun with trembling hands at Kay standing. The girl suddenly twisted her hand when Malvinn was about to slash his sword. She fired several bullets at Henry's lifeless body."Bastard! I've almost given up on staying there." She fired two more rounds from the gun in her hand.The gun was so strong that it made the girl's tiny body shake slightly, and she took a step back. When she had finished firing all the bullets, the girl ducked and dropped Kay's gun.Kay and Malvinn just stared at the girl expressionlessly. The girl started crying and covered her swollen face with her arms. She ran out of the alley.Malvinn tried to chase after the girl, but Kay held him back and shook his head."We'd better get her sorted, or there's going to be a lot of trouble later on," said Malvinn."Tch," Kay chuckled. "You changed your mind so quickly? You stay here. Let me take care of it."Kay walked in the direction the girl disappeared. He picked up his empty gun a
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8| Are You Teasing Me?
Kay opened the door with his left hand. His right hand held the gun tightly, ready to be fired.Someone was standing at their apartment door. Kay's eyes opened wide, and he frowned in confusion. Malvinn was ready to swing his sword, but Kay motioned for him to stop."Who?" asked Malvinn.Malvinn removed Kay from the doorway and opened the door wide. He was stunned to see a figure standing there."I thought you were out of here," Kay said casually as he reloaded his gun. "Come in! Is there anything you need from us? You can't come here empty-handed. We only accept jobs that pay properly."A petite girl who looked to be in her late teens stood in shabby clothes, and her long hair tucked behind a baseball cap. Her face was still full of bruises. That girl was the same girl the Rogue brothers had met in the underground parking lot."I have paid your down payment of 5 million Coll," said the girl shyly and a little scared."What?" Kay was surprised. "What did you say?"Malvinn, on the othe
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