Chapter 60

"You don't have to do that anymore, just let her be okay? You know Alpha Ronald's company right?"I asked 

"Yes boss"

"Take me to him, I want to see him"

[Alpha Ronald]

"It's beautiful but did you think she will like this?"I asked Vette who gave me a reassuring nod.

"Yes Sir, it's going to fit perfectly on her body and she will love it"she replied.

I tossed the gown in my hand.No doubt, it's very beautiful. 

Seriously, I didn't have a peaceful sleep yesterday, I couldn't even sleep because I was nervous about today.

I have to rush out of the house early this morning to get her a dress.

At least she has to wear something nice to her birthday party.

I am sure going to change her wardrobe after today's event.


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