Chapter 83

The Next Morning



‘So James can we share each other's secret??'..I whispered to the average height blondie who was dangling from my hands with his hands trying to free himself..

‘Look Alpha Derrick I don't know anything about Lina,I've never even talked to her!! I don't even like her dude so I'm not her secret admirer!!'..He cried out and I dropped him to the ground.He coughed out loudly and held his neck trying to grab enough air which i shortened...

‘Look there's only one think I know about this JK guy of yours and you claimed he always puts glitter in her letters right??'...

‘Yeah he does,how does that help??'..i asked with a frown on my face...

‘Well there's one person who always keeps a stash of glitter in his locker and it's Jake Kelson,he's a very mysterious guy and every time i wonder what he does with the large amount of glitter in his lo

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