Chapter 21

Shut up, Jacob. Even if he didn't, you wouldn't get me anyway." I told him

He glared at me and I just glared back until he dropped it and a smile broke onto his face.

"Now I see why you look, sound and act like a girl. I wonder how I didn't get it earlier." Tyrell held his chin in agreement.

"Because my disguise was top notch." I said

"Wait a minute, did you guys really think I was gay?" Derrick asked them with an amazed smile on his face.

"What else would you have us think? We literally walked in on our friend kissing another guy whom we didn't know was a girl." Tyrell shrugged. 

"I guess you're right. I'll think I was gay too." Derrick said slowly.

"I'm outta here." I said to them walking away. I was tired of standing and their conversation was pointless.

"Where are you going?" Derrick called ou

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