Chapter 30 (part 6)

Guns aimed in rush at Betts the moment she finished her words, at least half of them are, the others are warily staring at her presence in a stunned silence except for one of them who held his hand signaling the others to steady their aims. He waved them down as he spoke, “can we confirm if you’re a civilian?”

Betts looked at them as Trust started bashing those small fry monsters who dared attack him, her brows deepen through patience and clearly must prevail because at this point they won’t have any fighting chance besides the additional manpower the men from the task force could provide. She assessed them, all their stance were at high alert, so it would be best to move in caution before any of them exhibit a nervous tick and shoot her.

“I’m a civilian,” she said in short answer, “but I’m not exactly a simple citizen.”

Frowning at her words, the man continued to tell her, “then we

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