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The Black cosmic force, a force capable of eradicating gods and high teir beings, bow resides in a young lad on earth. Yeah he's powerful, but lost his family to get such power. He grows up along with regret and torment of being able to control such massive power in his human body. After many years, he later accepts his fate and made the power to good use, becoming a protector to his city and beyond. When i say beyond, i mean outer space. Beings and Aliens from different dimensions and realms are on the look out for the cosmic power, so as to take it as their own and rule over all minors. He now stands as a bridge between the universe and these power hungry beings, putting his best to stop them.

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  • Smiles


    It has a interesting premises. I'm looking forward to the direction the author chooses to take this novel. Its got the right amount of action to keep you on your toes

    2024-01-27 01:26:50


    Great Boook

    2022-11-20 07:16:28
  • X-Legacy


    Heh heh ......... I am liking what I've seen so far. Quite an attractive blurb... the book so far hasn't failed in meeting up with my expectations ......... hungry for more ......

    2022-06-14 13:01:31
  • Author V


    This is awesome!!

    2022-05-31 23:50:31
  • Osagie Rainier Benedict OSE


    Vic my man nice work....

    2022-07-30 20:15:03
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45 chapters
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER ONE: Origins.+++++Eons ago, planet Jhakai bloomed with life and wealth. It flourished greatly, ruled by Malum, the Alpha Jhakarian. He was feared greatly because of how much he had grown in might and power, in just a short period of time. He wasn't a god but he had killed a few false gods. Even with all these, he loved and cherished his wife, child and people, greatly.But the only falter and defect to his comprehensiveness was discontent.He wanted more power and more beings to rule upon.In his quest for power, he found Earth, not just one, but the Multiverse. He schemed to annihilate all living things, ranging from ants to humans, and convert all Earths each to Jhakia, where he would have dominion.The High gods saw how close he was to achieving his selfish-dubious goal, and stopped him by selecting a numbersome of humans, bestowing godhood upon them.The selected humans, known as the 'Goderions' were able to obliterate him and half his army from existence, cau
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The chosen one
¶ MEGAMAN ¶CHAPTER TWO: The chosen one.+++++Planet Mercury inhabits two separate species, The Knovadians and Mercurytes. But how?The Knovadians once inhabited a dwarf planet that was dying slowly.Mercury, inhabited by the Mercurytes, was at the verge of colonisation as they were loosing an ongoing war against another larger planet in the solar system.The Knovadians took this to their advantage, making a forever deal with the Mercurytes to help them fight the war. The Knovadians used their advanced tech knowledge to build enormous weapons and the Mercurytes used their magic as a power source. With the combined force, Mercury won the never ending war.The Mercurytes honored their word and allowed the Knovadians to live in Mercury, together for eternity.Decades passed and a new King ascended to the throne, KANVATRON. That was when everything changed.He had a completely different motive towards the Knovadians. He felt, with how much the Knovadians has expanded, they'll take over M
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The unexpected
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER THREE: The unexpected.+++++ EARTH |CENTRAL CITY||MERRICK MEDICAL CENTER|On the roof of the highrise medical building, three people came out through the elevator - a man, a woman, and a four year old boy. The man was in a white lab coat with a stethoscope hung around his shoulders. The woman wore a blue gown and held the boy's hand as they all walked to an helicopter in front. A man in white shirt and black trousers, hopped down from the helicopter to hug his wife and son.“Are you guys ready?”, the man -Nick Sylvester- asked as he disengaged from the hug.“ are you sure it's safe for my baby to stay here?”, she -Kira- asked, facing the doctor.He smiled, “I've told you ma'am, Jake will be fine”“But he's just a day old ”, she complained.“That's why it's necessary that you go to Star city for the scans and tests”, he reminded her.Nick hugged her from behind, “Don't worry hon, it'll be alright”“Bye mum, bye dad”, the little boy -Ralph- waved at
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A new era for central city
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER FOUR: A new era for Central city.+++++|One week later||Inside a jewelry store - 09:35pm|The store had a glamouring interior, with glints of golden and silver lights glistering all around. Several cubicles lay around, each carrying different forms of jewelries on them. This made the store exude this aura of 'expensive' and an invisible sign that says 'only the wealthy are welcome'.Well, that was what the place looked like 15 minutes ago. Now it was more or less akin to the look of an 'after party' environment. Uneven shards of glass littered the marbled floor. Almost all the cubicles had been fallen or cut in half, likewise the counter. Most of the bulbs went off, and the functioning ones blinked red over and over. In short, the whole place was in disarray.Bang! Bang!Two shots rang aloud!A tall muscular man by the counter, pushed his open palm forward and fisted it, creating some sort of purple bubble around the two bullets aiming for his chest. He opened hi
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Misfits no more?
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER FIVE: Misfits no more?+++++The brothers formed a defensive formation, with Ryan at the middle. They didn't move, instead they had their eyes wide open to size up their new opponent.He was donned in a golden trenchcoat that covered his whole appearance. His face was more or less sunk in darkness, under his hood. One could make out that he was a man due to his extravagant muscular build outlined on the coat. He pierced the ground with his sword and left it there.“Who the hell are you!?”, Luke blurted with a mixed expression.Normally, he would have psychically traveled into a recipient's mind and sweep through their basic information, so as to identify their strengths and weakness. But this guy in front of him was blank. No. He couldn't touch his mind. It was like the latter had some sort of psychic block device. It was after much futile attempts he decided to ask the question.The hooded man was about to give a reply, but Sean interrupted abruptly.“Why are you a
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¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER SIX: Settlement.+++++|C.C.P.D|“Is Central city safe? Has Central city gotten a new hero to put an end to the prevailing crisis at the hands of the Meteor humans? Is he also a Meteor human?These are the few, out of the many questions pondered by Central city citizens after the unusual incident that took place some hours ago. Sean, Ryan and Luke Watson, or as they like they call themselves – the SRL brothers, were intercepted and beaten to a state of unconsciousness by an unknown man. He was dressed in a long cloak and hood that concealed his identity.Also, he saved the cops just at the nick of time. They were all shaken up a bit due to shock. After speaking with Chief Kayla, she assured that they'll be fine and it was normal for anyone to react like that. Even though she lost some good men, it wasn't going to deter their stand against stopping crimes and protecting the lives of the citizens...”, the male reporter kept debriefing as the officers watched him on a
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Taking a step
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER SEVEN: Taking a step.+++++|Few days later||07:30am|The twilight fog that always descended on the woods at dawn, had began to dessipate, little by little at the rise of the morning sun. The weren't completely gone, their density only got thinner.Birds sang beautifully in symphony to the rise of morning. Aboreal animals, like squirrels and monkeys hopped from tree to tree to bask in the start of a new day.Likewise the land animals. Like a white fluffy bunny that hopped fast like its life depended on it. Well, someone was chasing it. What other choice did it have? The small person chased after it with a malicious intent, cackling evily....That was to the bunny's perception though. In actual sense, a child was running after it, laughing uncontrollably, causing the bunny to be far ahead at intervals. He was about 3ft tall, with a a fair skin and short brown hair. His irises were blue and he had a pointed nose. He was putting on a red top and jeans shorts, accomp
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Ralph's life begins
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER EIGHT: Ralph's life begins.+++++|At the gym||Few blocks from C.C.P.D|Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam!!!Nathan threw his hands one after the other, punching the black sandbag that was attached to the ceiling via a chain. Pedro stood behind it, resting his shoulders against it to hold it in place. They were clad in black tops and grey shorts. He kept punching as they conversed.“Dude! Are you crazy?”, Flynn jokingly asked as he and Marc – dressed the same as Nathan and Pedro – walked in to the dimly illuminated room.“Call me whatever you want. I ain't changing my mind”, Marc replied dropping his gym bag on the table.His eyes swept a quick glance at the room. Various workout equipments laid dumant around the place; ranging from dumb bells to treadmills. It was a gym specially made for the Central city police.“That punk thinks he's so invisible with such flashy showoffs and saves? Such ego!”, he added as he picked up two small dumbbells.“Oh, now he's a punk?”, Flynn raised a
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Who is Cloakman
¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER NINE: Who is Cloakman?+++++|Six years later||06:54am|Moving involuntarily at an insane speed, was a man that was bare form waist upward. He kept tumbling in the air, crashing against buildings at intervals. He somehow manoeuvered into a backflip. That didn't stop his motion though. He kept sliding backwards, cracking the asphalt as he did so. Ice crystals layered the path behind him, which soon elongated to a thick wall of ice.Gbim!He struck his back against it, putting him to a halt. The wall had some cracks from the point of contact. He placed his palms on his knees to catch his breath.His skin was pale, like a vampire. Crystals of ice were plastered to his skin. His muscularity was well pronounced. Likewise his silk white hair that draped to the side of his head.His blue eyes widened, the hair at the back of his neck stiffened. He swiftly moved to the side...Boom!The wall of ice exploded to tiny bits, that melted afterwards. Smoke fumed over that spot.
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¶ MEGAMAN¶CHAPTER TEN: Accepted.+++++|20 minutes later||The woods|“You're one sharp kid, Ralph”, Flynn commended.“I know. You're not the first to tell me that”, Ralph shrugged.‘Eeesh. It was just a compliment. Proud kid’, Flynn thought.Then he turned to Marc, “Just like looking into a mirror, huh?”Marc, knowing what his partner meant, rolled his eyes.The three of them were seated around the dining table. Ralph had served them cups of juice after they came in. He was quite open with them, since they told him they knew who Cloakman was. He hadn't revealed his powers though but answered every question concerning Cloakman.He and Shane had always admired the Detectives; always eager to watch the news beacause of them, just to see how they investigated and saved lives.Ralph was more into the researching and investigating part, which Shane found to be boring. The latter was more interested in the chases, shoot outs and action in overall.Ralph was beyond happy, even though he did
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