Chapter XXIII

When David and Jonas arrived home, Jessica had everything with her at hand. She was ready to hand over to them to help them with the case. They could also help Jonas so that he could understand himself better. If he was to be at his best, he needed to know himself better and, more so, about his newly acquired friend.

Rebecca had written quite a number of journals in her lifetime. She also happened to name them in a sequence that one would be able to follow even without her being present to guide. She knew that whatever she saw was greater than anyone was and could happen long after she was gone. Indeed, she was right. It did happen years after she was gone.

The mysterious thing though was that, all other books and pictures were there except for two. One of the journals was missing and one picture was missing as well. Thanks to her organizational skills, Jessica could be able to tell the two were missing. That yet brought another dilemma for them. As far as Jessica was

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