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By: Mutuma J Karuntimi CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Jonas, a university student's life is hell. His gift is to blame for it. His mother knows so much but says nothing to protect her son. His father was just dismissed from the army but knows nothing of his son. A rumour about the end of days was spreading. Crimes in the city had escalated. The police had no clue of how to solve them until they found their way to Jonas

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  • Mutuma J Karuntimi


    One of the Best Thriller Mystery Books of the 21st Century. The twists in the plot keeps you on toes guessing up to the end. A thumps up to the Author.

    2021-09-21 18:31:35
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99 chapters
Eons ago, about 66 generations B.C, Earth was invaded. For many years, since then, humans lived with ‘El Diablo’, the invader, without knowledge. Slowly, ‘El Diablo’ twisted human knowledge to his bidding, taking advantage of their weakness. The few he could not, those weak enough, he extinguished.Later, several millennia; Todo lo Sabe, Protector of all universe, was not happy; but, was with mercy. He; then, decided to save humanity. He sent a helper, One Truly-Chosen. In human-being, He, Truly-Chosen, aged among mortality. With a message from He, Protector of all universe, to humankind.Some did heed the missive; others, the vast majority, gave deaf ears. About a generation or more later, they rejected Truly-Chosen. ‘Malvado’; they called him, and eventually, saw he to the grave without need for cause. After, they thought to have won. Deeper and deeper, they dug themselves into perditions; misled by ignorance, imprudence and egotis
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Chapter I
A rumor about eschatology was spreading around. Majority of the people believed it was just a year like any other. To some few others including Jonas, a Philosophy student at the Kibich College, it was the year of the apocalypse. By the time, he was just a middle-aged youth, so to speak but, old enough to make most of his life decisions. Never was he the very positively charged youth in his school though. You need not ask why because; even you well know what it’s like to be the smart ones in school. Less than few that hardly make friends and spend most of their time in the company of them self. Other boys bullied him and never felt comfortable having girls within his personal space. As of these reasons among others, he did not do his best in class. This is what got him into trouble with his folks and tutors as well. Being above average, they could never understand why their son and student could not perform well enough. It was not as if they were not trying or willing to know about
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Chapter II
“I never wanted to quit the job son. Being a soldier can be challenging but I loved it. Though I spent most of the time missing you people, I loved being one saving people’s lives and protecting them. We were on a rescue mission in Zomala. All went well through the mission until we rescued the hostages. We took them all with us to the extraction point. As we were getting ready for the chopper to take us back home, something terrible happened. Amongst the hostages we had rescued was a villain. Suddenly, he unzipped his jacket, inside was a bomb, and took one of the civilians’ hostage. Tightly squeezed inside his hand was a trigger. At that point, the rest, including us soldiers, were scared to death. Shooting him was not an option behind the human shield. We got orders from our superiors to try talking him down. The situation was worse enough, and I could feel the man was not willing to change his mind. He was determined to kill everyone. Whatever oath he had taken in his cult was ver
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Chapter III
His father had no other choice but going into the house to share with his wife what his son had just told him. He went upstairs to the bedroom where his wife was. She was arranging clothes she had got from laundry in the wardrobe. David approached her and decided to share everything with her including, why he had left the military. Once David entered the bedroom door, she turned to look at him. From the look on his face, she knew something had gone terribly wrong. “That is not the face I was expecting. I assume things did not go as expected with your son,” Jessica expressed to him mockingly. He sat on the rear edge of the bed, “Actually, we have talked more than I thought we could. We made a good connection and, I got him to open up…although…it was short-lived,” he exclaimed. Jessica stopped folding the clothes and looked at him, “Then what happened after the connection…Did you lose the signal or what? Anyway, I am just curious. What did you have to say or do for his attention? I n
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Chapter IV
His wife led as they walked down the stairs from the bedroom through the living room downstairs out of the house. After they reached outside, she walked him towards their miniature stowage. David was already scared to the stomach… soldier or no soldier. Even they that fear not people nor animals haveth fear for the unknown. He tortured himself with questions about the mystery ahead that would explain Jonas’ claims of being a psychic and or a herculean. Any normal human being would wish such contentions last words coming from the mouth of another, and with possibility of being true and the reality. He tried to hold his cool but, the thought of what was about to be revealed at the storage ridiculed the cool. In other words, he was not ready to accept the becoming reality. He found himself in Jessica’s shoes a while ago, mute and somewhat frozen. Just a few minutes later, they entered the storage. Jessica reached for some old shield-like metallic plate and pulled it as though she wanted
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Chapter V
After Jonas rode off, he decided to visit one of the few places he liked and wanted to be. He might have been a middle-aged youth with women phobia but he was still a man. He had to have someone to harness his feelings as well despite the fact. Just to let you know, he had phobia in the midst of girls not a girl. He went to be with his one true friend who he hoped to be his girlfriend with time. The girl was his best friend but was not always so. She gave him the company and the connection he could not get from others. After all, being with her was a guarantee to not having to answer stupid questions about college or anything Jonas did not like. That made him free around her and hence, they could talk about anything and do almost everything whenever they were together. I can tell what you are thinking about right now and the question you are about to ask but, the answer is no. They had boundaries not beyond being there for each other and sharing wonderful moments. Besides, Jonas coul
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Chapter VI
Back at Jonas’ home, his parents were still searching for the answers. Finally, his mother bumped into a book that she believed had the answers and, the directions for the path they wished to follow. She took it off the shelf and called David for them to have a look at it together. It was time to show him why their son’s talk of having powers would be true and why it all had to do with her grandmother, or in other words, their bloodline. “Honey, I think I just found the journal I was looking for. It’s time for me to answer all your questions now.” David stopped looking around and joined her to have a look at the journal, leaning closer to her. “It sure looks like giving us all the answers we need.” Wiping cobwebs and dust off his face, he asked. “Is this the proof that, indeed, my son is not mentally disturbed?” Turning her eyes up from the journal to his face, Jessica answered, “Yes, it is”. She opened the journal. The inside had nothing extraordinary except for the fact that, i
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Chapter VII
Jonas was still enjoying every moment with his girlfriend. It was time to find out her reaction towards gifted people. Jonas had the right test for that. As usual, Jonas was not the speedy type of person. That meant that, before he could ask her, she did manage to ask him hers first. “Jonas, you know I love you, right?” “Of course I know you love me and I love you too. Why do you say this Kate? What‘s up? What do you have in mind?” “Nothing, it’s just that… I wanted to ask you something and, please tell me the truth.” “Okay, go ahead and ask. If I have the answer, I will surely give you.” “I know that those boys chasing you around do not make you perform poorly in class. I know you well. There is something more besides the bullies. After all, these days they are getting tired of it. What is really bothering you?” “Well Kate, I will not lie to you. The truth is I did not like this school at all. In fact, I never liked being here at all. All I ever wanted was to be out of this neig
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Chapter VIII
Finally, Jonas got home. He parked his bike in the garage and entered the house. His parents’ vehicles in the garage; he knew they were still at home. In slow and soft steps, he sneaked; he did not want them to hear him. Too bad, he thought he would sneak. Eagerly, they awaited for his return. In the living room, he bumped into them; just seated waiting for his arrival. Why they were waiting for him in that manner; he could not hitherto apprehend. His parents however, upon his entry into the house, were mollified. From the look on their faces, Jonas knew that whatever they had for him was definitely new to him. He just wished it were not a continuation of his father’s lectures about seeing the doctor. His father, still making up for past, broke the absurd silence. He took short strides towards him, “Son, it’s good to see you back. I am sorry about earlier. It was wrong to talk to you the way I did. I should have listened to you,” with his right hand, he reached for Jonas’ shoulder.
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Chapter IX
As Jonas and his father were busy learning more about their lately discovered gifts, the police and other security departments had some drudgery as well. The rate of crimes in the city had gone up. Each day would have a new arising or a mysterious murder. The police found mysteriously murdered people and without cause. Something was off about these crimes though. Most of the time they would find a dead body, it would have writings on it and most were completely drained off blood. It looked as if whomever that was killing these people had a craving for blood. Looking at the bodies, one would think that a wild animal attacked them. As these crimes grew, the people’s panic also intensified. The rumors about the day of reckoning became more real by the day. These killings led the people to believe that there was a demon walking the earth amongst them. There were theories that hell had broken loose and that Satan and his Agents were roaming the earth to destroy it and the people in it.
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