Chapter X

They went into the captain’s office to let him know of this new development. John narrated his dream to the captain and handed him the newspaper article. Captain Meake was not the type of people that believed in ghost or demon stories. He was the type that believed not the existence of such creatures as the demons and beasts. He could not buy any of the stories they told him. He did give permission to proceed though.

Meake stood from his chair and walked round his desk to where they stood, “So John, what you are trying to say is that people are being killed by a beast that was written in the Revelation?”

“Yes sir, I am afraid that’s the truth… sir. I wish it wasn’t.”

“No John, tell me something better than this. How do you expect me to tell this to the director when he calls me? That the demon in the book of Revelation came to life and is killing people in Kibich City, or, that the world is about to end? It

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