The Alpha King's Hated Slave

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The Alpha King's Hated Slave

By: Kiss Leilani CompletedWerewolf

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King Lucien hates her more than anything in the world, because she is the daughter of the King who killed his family and enslaved him, and his people.He made her his slave. He owns her, and he will pay her back in spades, everything her father did to him. And her father did a lot. Scarred him into being the powerful but damaged monster King he is.A King who battles insanity every single day.A King who hates—LOATHES—to be touched.A King who hasn't slept well in the past fifteen years.A King who can't produce an heir to his throne.Oh, will he make her pay.But then again, Princess Danika is nothing like her father. She is different from him. Too different.And when he set out to make her pay, he was bound to find out just how different she is from her father.*********A love that rose from deep-rooted hatred. What exactly does fate have in-store for these two?Aree you as interested in this ride as I am!?Then, fasten up your seatbelts. We're going on a bumpy ride!

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  • Olasope adebola


    I really love this book

    2024-03-22 04:17:59
  • Rhea Worley


    Definitely one of the best books I’ve read on these book apps. Even with the misspellings and grammar mistakes, the storyline is amazing. I’ve read this story THREE times and I’m not ashamed! Lol

    2024-06-23 13:15:34
  • villanuevajaclyn


    I absolutely loved this book and all the characters in it! The storyline behind it all had me hooked. I really hope to see a book on Vetta and also a second one of the King and Queen of Avalon!!!

    2024-06-13 02:41:06
  • shivani singh


    I like the book overall. But they make vetta a good women at the end I did not like it

    2024-05-11 22:47:30
  • Phillipa Brennan


    This book is epic. Such a heartfelt, enigmatic story. Truly inspired. I absolutely loved it. I laughed, cried, shouted in frustration & rejoiced with the characters every step of the way. It is slowly cementing itself as one of my favourites. Some of the chapters are out of order-needs fixing.

    2024-03-12 04:26:53
  • Sharon Salerni


    One of my favorite books here online! I read it on another app and it is amazingly good! Steamy but trigger warning

    2024-02-29 04:45:51
  • Dreamland


    Love your books

    2024-01-29 11:18:17
  • Janey Harrison Bodle


    This book would make a fantastic movie! Best book I've ever read.

    2024-01-02 14:20:50
  • Terri Garner


    I enjoyed reading this book. The book kept me engaged and with every chapter I had several different emotions. This book was very well written. Kudos!

    2023-12-28 16:34:51
  • personalacc


    it's even worst if you consider that she is approximately 18 years old when it all started , and to think that at 18 she was kidnapped ,tortured, raped and physically abused by many men , she lost her pregnency twice , and cherry on top she was Forced To kill people.

    2023-10-16 02:07:04
  • personalacc


    okay I don't understand how many of u are not understanding vetta. she has gone through sooo damn much, her hate towards dhanika may not be correct but it's definitely understandable, I cried so much while reading what she has to go through, and the worst thing is that it's 10 long years of torture.

    2023-10-16 02:03:47
  • Bianca Maasdorp


    Honestly, LOVE this book. I have read it 5 times and just never gets old

    2023-09-19 23:54:10
  • tila Hasanaj


    Great book!

    2023-08-19 10:02:23
  • Talia Torres


    great book. I love it

    2023-07-29 02:56:38
  • Angelz


    A must read!!. Extraordinary story. Very mich one of my Favs. As I've said I've read it many times & am reading this Authors other books too. It's so worth the read. Yes it has dark themes, but the characters are great & the storyline is Amazing!!! Well Done Author ♡♡

    2023-04-28 07:02:29
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304 chapters
Once upon a time, the kingdom of Salem and the kingdom of Mombana were at peace with one another. That peace, however, was broken when the king of Mombana passed away and a new monarch, Prince Cone, took over. Prince Cone has always been hungry for power, always wanting more and more. After his coronation, he attacked Salem. The attack was so unexpected, Salem never prepared for it. They were caught off guard. The king and queen were killed, and the prince was taken into slavery.The people of Salem that survived the war were enslaved; their land taken from them. Their women were made into sex slaves. They lost everything, including their land.Evil befell the land of Salem in the form of Prince Cone. The prince of Salem, Lucien, in his slavery, was filled with much rage, and he swore revenge.Ten years later, thirty-year-old Lucien and his people raided a coup and escaped slavery. They went into hiding and recuperated, training day and night under the leadership of the fearless and
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Danika huddled down in her empty, cold cell. She had been there for one week and craved to be outside...or anywhere—anywhere at all that wasn’t the cold barren space. Time seemed to have become lost to her while trapped in the cells, consumed by her thoughts and the memories that plagued her.Only one bunk bed occupied the side of the room. Danika hadn't seen her captor in the past week, and that was the time he walked up to her, staring at her with the coldest eyes she had ever seen. Never in her life had she felt fear stronger than when she looked into those dark depths, filled with depravity to go with the sinister smile that graced his lips. He had stopped right before her, with calculating eyes that promised a world of anguish and pain. Danika had prayed he’d just end her, she knew whatever he had in store for her would only inflict the worst kind of pain. But when she realised his intentions were not to kill her, any hope of freedom faded away. He reached long, calloused finger
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They stared at each other, the malice between them apparent. Only King Lucien's wasn't just hate—it was loathing. Full raw hatred and rage. There was no warmth in his eyes. His face would have been handsome, but a thick scar ran over one cheek, giving him a savage look.He stalked closer to her, bent down and reached his hand toward her face. She lifted her chin too stubborn to allow him to get the reaction her desperately craved from her.He runs his finger down her cheek, almost gently, but she would not be deceived by his touch, not when all she saw hatred in his eyes. King Lucien lips tug into a cruel smile as he pushes her hair behind her ear, and twirls her blonde hair around his index finger. He tilts his head to the side, observing her for a second.“So foolish, you of all people should know how to address a King.” he sneered before tugging on the hair curled around his finger. Danika jerked forward with a gasp, and pain slivered across her scalp. She internally curses herself
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Chad's eyes caressed her body, and Danika wished the ground would open and cover her up. But she stood defiantly, staring Chad squarely in the face.Lust blanketed Chad's eyes as he looked at her hungrily. “Can I touch?” he asked eagerly. “When I’m done with her.” the King spoke calmly, yet his eyes made the words a promise. A clear display to her that he had control while she held none. Danika was his to-do as he wished to. Chad stared at the king again before walking out, and Danika discovered that there was a look in the man's eyes when he was staring at his king. Not hate—no, not hate. But she couldn’t place that look yet.“Guards!” the king called, but he didn't have to raise his voice.Two guards appeared. “Yes, Your Highness.”His cold eyes didn't leave Danika. “Tell the servants to bathe my slave once I'm done here. Get her clean and have her in my chambers in three hours.”“Yes, Your Highness.” The guards were reluctant to leave because they were staring at her state of undre
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She stood at the front of his chambers, staring at the door, then hesitantly knocked.“Come in,” came the curt reply. His deep voice reverberated through her.She opened the door and walked in. The light illuminated the room. The chambers were bathed in gold. It was the most beautiful sight she had seen, but the situation wasn't exactly favoring Danika's sense of exploration and appreciation. She could only stare at the big man who occupied one side of the room. At thirty-five years old, she has never seen a man who looks more larger than life than King Lucien.Watching him as he stuck a feather into the ink on the table, withdrew it, and continued scribbling down on the scroll before him, it was hard to believe that this man had ever been a slave.But he was. For ten whole years he endured unspeakable tortures in the hands of her father. Now, he was paying it back.The king raised his head finally and stared at Danika, holding the feather and watching her blatantly. All over her, his
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She knew he didn't finish and she wondered why. The man hated her; he had no remorse for her. So why didn't he keep plundering her body until he gained his satisfaction? She didn't know the answer to that, and it was the least of her problems. Alone, she started sobbing aloud. For the first time since her kingdom was ambushed, her father killed, and she was taken into slavery, she felt pain. Real raw pain.Heart-wrenching sobs wretched her throat. She had always dreamed of flowers. Her husband making love to her under the moonlight. Her, losing her virginity to him while he loved her body so tenderly.This was nowhere near what she imagined. Reality hurt like a knife to the heart. Father, why did you have to do this to me?She didn't know which pain was greater: the one coming from her body or the one from her heart. The one from her body was physical. What he did to her hurt. But the one to her heart hurt too, because she knew that this was her life now.Danika got off the bed, glad t
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SOMEWHERE IN SALEM.   "Get the big bowl, Sally dear." The older woman's voice came from the sitting room.   "Coming, Mrs. Menah." Sally carried the big bowl to the living room, and the older woman took it gratefully.   "Come, join us eat." Mrs. Menah gave her a kind smile.   "In a minute, Mrs. Menah." Sally went back to the kitchen. She sat down on the small chair there, her eyes looking around, taking in her surrounding.   She's been here for a few days over one week. These good old couples she was giving to are the kindest of people. They treat her right as if she's a member of their family when she's only their helping hand.   She's no longer a slave, but a help. Now, she gets paid for the simplest things. This is the best life ever for a girl that was born a slave. She's supposed to be happy.   But she's not. Not at all.  
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    The crowd cheered King Phillip on as he announced that he wanted to take Danika first.    Danika swallowed down the panic and humiliation she's feeling and tried to detach herself from the present.    When the king started playing with the strap of her flimsy top, she wanted to scream 'No' but the words caught on her throat, and couldn't get past it. She took steps backward without knowing that she moved.    His displeasure showed on his face. His hand shot out to her chain collar and he dragged her back. "Behave," he commanded curtly.   Danika nodded, not wanting more punishment to befall her.    He let go of her straps, but instead, he dipped his hand under her short skirt. He caressed her underwear, and Danika felt like vomiting.   "Get the clothes outta the way, Phillip. We've got to see." Moreh grunted, t
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    Danika kept clutching and following him as they walked out of the Royal Court until he got to his chambers and walked into it.   Alone with her, he locked the door. Turned and faced her, more formidable than ever.   "Thank you so much f---" She began.   "To the table. Do not lie on it. Just give me your back." He commanded in a curt voice, his expressionless darker than ever.   Danika did what he said, her body shaking with the adrenaline of what almost happened in the court...what he saved her from.   She was all too grateful to do what he asked. She held the table with trembling hands and closed her eyes.   He came up behind her and worked her finger into her experimentally. He frowned harder because she's not wet, not even from all the erotic plays in the Royal Court.   Danika doesn't know where he produce
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  "Someone wants to see you, Your Highness." Chad announced, coming into Lucien's room.   He was tying up the imperial letters he's finished writing. He looked up to Chad, "Who is it?"   Chad shifted uncomfortably. "She refused to leave. We've tried everything possible to get the girl to go but she refused, saying she must see the King. She's adamant and very persistent."   "Mmh..." Lucien rubbed his jaw in thought and frowned. Then, he got up and took strides towards the door, "Let me see who this girl is."   Chad followed him and together, they walked through the big halls of the Royal Palace towards the entrance of it.    Servants and maids bowed to him as he passed, and some threw out their greetings respectively.   Once he entered the hallway that led to the entrance, he heard the commotion. The guards forcing a girl to leave and the gi
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