Chapter 13

[Alpha Monroe P.O.V]

"Anything Jenny but don't post that please, you're a daughter of a well-respected family and so am I" I said.

I know she can do that but why? 

"Just a one-night stand, that's all I want. I want you to have sex with me"

"W... what?" I scoffed.

"You heard me right Alpha Monroe, I will discard this if you have sex with me." she said tossing her phone in her hand while I stared at her in utmost surprise and shock. 

How did she get that? And just to make me have sex with her? 

"What's this Jenny? Are you blackmailing me?" I asked and she smirked. 

"If that's what you think, are you in or not? " 

She asked. 

I can't let her upload that on social media, I won't be able to walk, my company I suffered to build

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