Chapter 19

[Alpha Monroe]

" I... I know Alpha Monroe, but trust me, I am fine." she stuttered turning away. 

"Sira you..."

"Believe me when I say I am fine." she replied rather harshly and I sighed. 

I just have to let her be but I will surely find out. 

"Okay if you say so but do not hesitate to tell me anything please." 

"Thank you, Alpha Monroe." I smiled at her as I headed to my car. 

I need to pick my camera and use it for something. 

I even forgot I left it in the car three months ago, maybe that was because it wasn't useful then and I rarely use the car. 

I inserted the key and opened it entering inside. 

How I miss my camera. Going wild, snapping and making videos. 

I smiled widely. I am sure

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