The Callous CEO

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The Callous CEO

By: Ben Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"Ethan, oh Ethan, don't think too highly of your self, you are nothing but a blood donor. You are just a useless piece of trash, do you think you deserve to be my husband? Ha dream on!" Daphne scoffed and spat in disgust. After many years of serving your wife and inlaw like a slave, you found out you were nothing but just a blood donor. You were just a piece of shit in the eyes of your in-laws and wife. What would you do if you suddenly become rich. Will you accept your wife back? Will you still donate blood for your mother in law who was the verge of death. Join me as we go through the journey with Ethan Willow the once useless son in law.


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Chapter 1 You are Useless
Ethan walked with an anxious face as he knew he was late getting late.He hurriedly took out his keys and tried to open the door. He hurriedly took the car keys and tried to open the car but it wasn't open. "Damn it!! He cursed out loud. Such a bad day, he hit the car's tires very angry and continued to curse. Suddenly, he heard his phone ringing, he knew who it was without even looking at it.The ringtone was only set for her and her only. His only love whom he doesn't care dying for.“ETHAN!!" the screaming voice of the angry Daphne was heard and he tried to keep the phone away from his ears.If this lady continues to scream this way, he wouldn't be able to hear again.“You better be here in the next five minutes or else," Daphine threatened as she reached for the word “or else”She knew how to get him and he hurriedly tried to make things work by cooling her temper.“Daphne, I’m sorry I got busy with…” he tried to explain himself, but as always she wouldn’t even give him a chance
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Chapter 2 You are nothing but just a blood donor
...The following morning...Ethan was very happy when he got to the house the following day, he helped a woman who in return gave him five hundred dollars. He went straight to the jewelry shop and bought a necklace for his beloved wife."Sweetheart, guessed what, I bought you a beautiful necklace, come have a look." He was like a child who has been given his favorite lollipop."Wh...a..t?" He was startled at what he saw. The necklace in his hands fell down when he was still in shock.How could she betray her after all he did for her?Ethan looked at her waiting for her to explain herself, why was she sitting on a different man's lap.This should be something he should rather be having with him.But they have to argue all the time, he sometimes feels he was just there to fill in the numbers in the family.He felt disappointed at the same time. He was expecting to see shock on her face but, no, she had a smirk on her face. It seems he was nothing but just a vase to them. Oh what a poor
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Chapter 3 I made sure no one would employ you.
She knew he had nowhere to go and would tolerate anything.Her expression changed and she smiled, anyway this was a good thing. She didn't look like one who had lost her husband.She just did not care.He knew he was weak now, but this wouldn’t stop him from getting his freedom from these people.“Yes," he answered with a determined look. It is difficult but he will try.“Really,” she said and laughed out loud as she looked at him with her finger pointing at him, Hahahha he wants a divorce, he really wants a divorce,hahaha so funny.Ethan, who was trying hard to control his emotions, roared, " I want it now," he is trying hard not to strangle this bitch.Just wait, Daphne, you will pay for this. His eyes turned red because of anger, he swore and clenched his fist.She looked at him as if he was without a human brain.“You don’t mean that. You want to know why, that’s because you would never want to leave. For without my family and our money, you are nothing but a piece of trash.Huh
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Chapter 4 Mr. Ethan
CHAPTER 4Ethan did not think much of the car beside him and was just sitting there minding his own business. He did not care who it was. He already had a lot on his mind and didn't want to think of such a travial thing.Then the driver came out of the car and went and opened the door and a very beautiful lady got out of it.He was a little mesmerized by her beauty and looked away. But what shepherds him as she was walking towards where he was sitting? And she stopped right before him.He looked up confused and thought she needed to show him a direction. She got the wrong person or the one she was after is behind him.But she was looking directly at him and his need to be made him surprised.“Good day Mr. Ethan, please get in the car, and let’s go," she said respectfullyEthan felt his ears heard wrong and looked at her with his eyes widened in shock.“Mr. Ethan?” she called again.“Yes?” he answered with an absent mind. He was confused. Why should he get into a stranger's car? What
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Chapter 5Why is she here
CHAPTER 5“Mr. Ethan “ Kate called him.He was brought back to the present and looked at her with his eyes wide open.“What did you say," he asked as he was lost in thought.She noticed and knew this might be that everything is happening very fast. But this is to prepare his mental“I asked if you are okay, “ she asked.He cleared his throat as he felt it was very dry.It did not even take a second for Kat to present a glass of wanted to him.He thanked her and took a sip. But he soon drank all as he hasn’t even that day.Kat noticed his pale face and knew this might be because he might have been so busy trying to get a job that he hasn't taken anything.And she was right.She gave him some well-prepared sandwiches. He looked at her for a few seconds and knew she wouldn’t back off and took it and finished it to keep his hungry stomach full.“I’m sorry about the way I addressed you. I just wanted to get her off my back," he apologized as he drank some water.“It’s okay sir. Whatever yo
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Chapter 6 What is going on
After deliberating on what she said, Ethan was told he had to be taken somewhere.He was still in shock at what he found in just a day. He was now the heir to such a successful empire. It would make anyone else surprised if they were to be in his shoes.He was sure all these were just going to be over soon.And with that thought in his head as the car moved away from the mansion he was sure they would be going to see all of what she showed him back at the mansion.He looked through the glass and realized they are driving into the part of the city where the richest people come from.He never even had this chance to be here when he was with those greedy people.But now he was here. “Young master, we have arrived," Kate announced.He looked back at her and realized they had already reached their destination.But wait, isn’t this the most famous plaza in the whole country?It is said to be the most elite and grand plaza in the whole country, not just in the city. He got out and stood
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Chapter 7 Do you know who he is?
Frank couldn’t process what was happening. He thought this might be his sight deceiving him and he was trying to process why the bears of directors were addressing her as such, was he seeing, right?Maybe this might be the time to wake up from that bad dream.But after he opened his eyes he realized it wasn’t a dream and that it was happening.They were there as the board of directors were showing great respect to them.“Oh no,” he said as he sweated uncontrollablyHe was sure they might be just friends. But the way they addressed her was a different thing altogether.Kate, without thinking at him stretched her hands at him and faced the board of directors and asked.“Who is this, “ she asked without looking at Frank.But they all figured out who she was talking about.They looked confused at Frank and tried to remember where they even knew him in the first place.“He doesn’t look familiar. “ one of the directors replied.Frank was sure he was in deep trouble this time.He’s lu
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Chapter 8 I will start from scratch
“Miss Kate I think it's time to have our meeting then,"one of the board of directors said with a smile as he led the way.“Sure, just give me a minute," she said and walked over to where Ethan stood.They directors looked at each other and decided to leave them.“Young master are you okay," she asked as she saw that he was not having a happy face.“I’m good, it’s just that I’m still a little bit overwhelmed,"she said.Kate walked to him and smiled at him. She could understand how he was feeling.In less than a day his life has suddenly taken a drastic change making him shocked.She was still be surprised if he was to be calm about everything that happened.“You don’t need to worry about that anymore. Let’s just go and meet them first." she assured and waited for him to lead the way.Ethan sighed and decided to just get on with it.As they entered the forum room on the top floor, Kate spoke up.“Well gentleman, I schedule a meeting with all of you today to talk about something very
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Chapter 9 I didn't know
We are sorry for not informing you, he is the new employee here, please treat him with respect.Cilia was in rage as Flora who heard her shouting came to explain to her . This was the biggest humiliation she has ever received since she joined the company.And the only person responsible for this was her underling and forgot that he was the one responsible for all these befallen her.“ How come you never told me about this? You just want me to look bad in this situation right ?” Cila cursed at her underling, Flora.Flora who was being yelled at took the phone away from her ears and the screaming from her boss was almost making her deaf.“If you had told me that he would be here I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself," Cilia continued to say in an angry tone.“But this is not your fault, I did tell you about it but you just didn’t check it, Flora said with the wrong tone.She couldn’t believe that she was being scolded by her again and this even had nothing to do with her.“What do you
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Chapter 10 Am sorry
“You… Who are you ?” Flora’s question make him looked at her with a raised eyebrow.His intimidating look was gone, it looked more like an illusion.“Are you okay? “Ethan asked as he held her hands feeling that it has become a bit cold.Flora only came back to her senses after she felt his hands on her. She quickly adjusted her mood and smiled again.But within she was arguing with herself on whether what she just saw a few minutes ago was an illusion or not.“I’m so sorry, I just got frightened," she said and was about to knock on the door again but stopped herself.Ethan saw how she was hesitating and decided to speak up.“You don’t have to worry about anything else. I can take it from here," he said with a calm smile.“But I’m supposed to…” she wanted to argue but was stopped by Ethan shaking his head.“I’m fine on my own. By the way, thank you for today," I will treat you to lunch one day “ he said with a friendly smile.Flora looked at him and blushed. Who wouldn’t be frightene
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