Time to return

As Pii fell to the ground he looked at the person who had whispered to him just a second ago.

It was without a doubt Marcus, who had the same haughty grin Pii had a moment ago.


"How did this happen?" Pii asked the air as he fell, his eyes switching from the Marcus on the tree to the Marcus on the ground.

"Have I been fooling the clone all along?" Pii asked as he landed safely on the ground. Dust arose as his feet touched the 'slightly grassy but slightly barren land'

"Oh poor Pii," another voice whispered behind him.

Pii heaved his hand behind him to knock down the being who was whispering, but it was in vain as he found no one.

Soon, he started to hear multiple laughs from all around the jungle.

Marcus was nowhere to be found. Both of them had disappeared.

All Pii was surrounded by now was the jungle and the echoes of Marcus' laugh.


Pii shouted, his body suddenly glowing an eerie but bright red.

"You weren't fooling anyone Pii," Marcus' voice said as P
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