An Important Villain

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An Important Villain

By: P. Artim CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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"What the hell?! I didn't jump down the bridge to get transmigrated into a Fantasy novel!" Noah decides to end his meaningless life after fulfilling all his worldly duties, finding no attachment or will left to keep living. But when he opens his eyes after drowning, he finds himself in the body of a villain inside a Novel that he used to read. "Since I did receive a second chance in life, let's watch the drama from a VIP seat." He decides to enjoy the rich life of a nobles son while helping Arthur, the original protagonist, with his quest once in a while. That's how Noah's new life in a fantasy world began.


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318 chapters
The End & the Beginning
The sun was setting with a blood red hue. The water in the river was trying it's best to reflect the sun's beauty. Once in a while, a fish would jump out and then dive back in. The gentle breeze blowing above the water was creating small ripples in the river. Thick lines of trees on both side of the river were bending their branches trying to reach out to the water in the river. Their reflection in the water in contrast to the setting sun made the water look more mysterious and charming. Like the sunset after an apocalypse. Dangerous but breathtaking. Noah was standing near the railing of the bridge. The gentle sunshine hitting his face felt almost heavenly. It was so comfortable that it almost made him forget all his worries. Usually in comics, this was the type of setting where he'd meet his long lost lover or soulmate for life and start their very own journey. 'But why am I jumping down the bridge in such a nice atmosphere? The weather's so good it almost feels like the world
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The Protagonist
"The origin of Salvation", a famous novel ranked first in the wuxia world and him, a regular reader of that novel. That's how it was even hours ago. And now here he is. Possessing the body of Adrian Dicarious, a handsome scumbag who is even more well-known than the main character. Don't get it wrong. He's not famous. He's infamous. 'Well, if you ask me if I hate him, I don't. One of the reasons why this novel got so famous even with its similar storyline is because of its villains.' Unlike other novels, this one actually focused evenly on the heroes and the villains. The way the author depicted human nature through the heroes and villains is what made it so famous. He wasn't an exception either. He liked the MC. He also liked the villains. Although he didn't support their actions, it was interesting to see the world from their perspective. And Adrian wasn't even the main villain. He was one of the many secondary villains of this novel. An important role that helped the MC
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Foods of a Fantasy World
While everyone was flustered or confused by Adrian's behavior, they had crossed the area of the Nobles and entered the town. Adrian was taking in everything that was happening around him. Although it was quiet in the Aristocratic area, the town was full of life. Street markets, customers and shopkeepers, travelers, residents, children’s laughing and playing around. The smell of foods were coming from everywhere. Many dishes and desserts, candies were being sold on the roadside. Seeing all those foods made Adrian feel hungry. To divert his own attention, he started looking at the buildings and constructions around the city. At first glance , they looked rather plain, but if you paid attention you'd notice that a considerable amount of thought and emotions were carved into each building or construction. They looked very aesthetic. But no matter how much he tried to ignore it, the smell of food kept bothering him and increasing his hunger. His stomach started rumbling. "Hey Art, C
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Fool's Wish
On their way back, Corner suggested that they take the riverside road. Since it was already afternoon, the sun was starting to set. The clear blue water in the river was shining so brightly that one would think the riverbed was full of gems. Both sides of the river was covered in green grass and tall trees. It looked like a perfect spot to take an afternoon nap. Remembering his old world, Ian felt grateful that he could witness something like this one more time. The last scene he saw before he jumped into the river flashed before his eyes and he unconsciously mumbled. "It's way prettier than where I died." Although it was said unconsciously, he really wanted to jump into the river at that moment, not to die of course. He only wanted to swim in it. It just looked that alluring. On the other hand, both Corner and Arthur's expression hardened drastically. Although Ian spoke in a whisper, for master swordsman like them, they could hear it loud and clear. Although Ian knew about the
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Dreams & Reality
For the first time in a long while, Ian dreamt. And surprisingly, it was a good dream. He dreamed about the river he saw today. It was even prettier than what he remembered. Everything was sparkling. The heat was also just the right temperature. The cold water splashed as he started walking in the shallow water. He could feel the grass under his foot. They were soft. He could see them clearly as well, since the water was crystal clear. Small fishes were swimming here and there. The birds and the bugs, the dragon flies were flying around as if they were happy. Ian wanted to go deeper into the water. He started walking. Step by step. Then he finally started running till he was deep in the water. He couldn't find the soft grasses below his feet anymore. The small fishes were also nowhere to be seen. All he could see was a deep blue color.  It was iconic. If someone saw them from above, Ian could bet that they won't
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Flaunting His Money
Inside the carriage, Ian was thinking about what he had to do next as he  stared outside the window blankly. He had to buy a house for the people he was taking in and he wanted it near the duchy. Arthur and Steve was in the carriage with Ian. Steve was one of the other two guards who accompanied him previously. The other one was Adel, who was with Corner at the moment.  "Is there any vacant building near the duchy? One with a big yard and garden?" They both understood for why their master was buying a building. Arthur wanted to see what Ian has planned, so he suggested a building that was owned by one of his friends. He kept the fact that he knew the owner a secret but Ian knew about it anyway.  "Then let's go there." After half an hour, they reached the place. It would be an understatement to call it a simple building. It was no less than a mansion. There was also a huge founta
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Caring & Being Cared For
While they were both busy doing their own things, they walked all the way to the mansion that Ian bought in the morning. In front of the mansion, they could see many carriages and lot's of people. Corner was also there. Seeing Ian and Art, he came running and greeted them.  "Young master, We brought everyone and everything you wanted us to bring. They're waiting for your next order. The slaves are also in the front yard waiting for you." "Alright. Let's go." Ian walked in front of them as they entered through the gate. Everyone made way for him till he was in the other side of the yard.  Ian finally looked at the slaves. It was hard to watch. They looked severely malnourished, tortured, wounded and lifeless. Their clothes were torn everywhere and whip scars could be seen. The chains in their arms and legs were cutting flesh off of them and making them bleed. Yet what seemed to be in the worst state was their soul. They looked like
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Long Awaited Outing?
Ian kept staring at the eggs for a long time. If someone saw him now, to them he'd look like a kid who is patiently waiting for the eggs to hatch. He didn't know how long he has been looking at them. He snapped out of it when a servant finally came to ask him for dinner."It's already that late?""Yes, young master. The master asked if you could join them there. He said he had some matters to discuss. " The servant looked less tense than before as he spoke. Adrian's change in attitude was a famous story among the duchy right now. And the servants and maids attitude was also changing bit by bit everyday. Adrian also noticed this change and felt a bit more comfortable inside. He wondered what the Duke was calling him for but he wasn't nervous. He read the novel and knew this world's future anyway. "Then let's go. "Adrian took the lead and went down. He walked straight into the dining room where his mother and father was. Seeing their son, they both had gentle expressions on their fa
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Why am I so Busy?
They started walking once again. While they were passing by the kids, Ian noticed something unusual. One of the kids weren't playing with the others. Or rather, they didn't let him play with them. Ian narrowed his eyes as he observed the kids.  'He has bruises in his body. Looks malnourished as well. An orphan perhaps?' "Art" Ian quietly called for Arthur. He came beside him as they continued their walk.  "Yes, young master?" "Find out what's wrong with that kid while we're having breakfast. And have one of the guards observe him." Olivia couldn't hear anything Ian was talking about since she was busy chatting with Corner. Arthur nodded his head and silently left the group.  Soon they reached the restaurant that she mentioned before. To be precise, it was what one would call a book cafe in modern world. Ian was impressed with the owners thinking. Whoever it was, they were way ahead of their time.  "T
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A Place For Us
Ian sighed as he stared at his new family. The more he saw, the greater his fascination was. 'No matter how many time I see it, mother's smile is always so mesmerizing. And no matter how elegant she looks, father always looks like her perfect other half. They're like the main characters in a romance novel.' Ian was trying very hard to focus this time when something caught his attention. It was what Miller was talking about. "Should we bring a painter?" 'Painter? Yeah, would've totally clicked a photo in this situation, if I was in earth. Good thinking.' "Should we?" Olivia was glancing at Ian as if asking if it was okay. Ian tilted his head as if he couldn't understand her question. 'Why'd I have any problem with it?' - is what Ian's expression was saying. "You didn't like painters since you were a kid. Is it okay now?" "Yes it's fine... So I don't have any portraits with either of you, mother?" "No. Since you were a kid, you'd always cry whenever we brought any painters in
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