An idea.

Alexander clenched his fists and grit his teeth as he watched Jackson and his teammates jubilate a little. Just as quick, he calmed down and smiled.

“That shall be your last score in this game. I assure you.” He muttered as he received the ball from his teammate, Luke and began pushing forward. It was now their turn to attack. He bounced high repeatedly while running towards the opponent’s hoop but he was just about to get blocked by Tyler.

He stopped advancing and began bouncing with his right hand, while holding Tyler back with his left. He used this to buy himself time as he assessed the situation. Too bad, all his teammates were blocked. He saw this as him having no choice but to shoot from where he was.

Meanwhile, this was all within Logan’s speculation and he quickly made a quick hand sign to Collins, who nodded and they began moving. Jackson joined the fray too and he took his position three meters in front of Alexander. Logan walked to block Luke, while Collins took his
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