Andara Revenge (Agen 123)

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Andara Revenge (Agen 123)

By: MelisaT OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Andara Hazel is a young man who has been turned into a robot. After getting a new body which was given by Doctor Jonson. Andara prepares to carry out his mission as Agent 123. Interspersed with revenge missions. Capture the perpetrator and expose the crime. Assisted by Alfa, a microchip control machine, as a stronghold of Andara's self-defense. How is Andara's story in finding the suspect in Ana's mother's murder?

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113 chapters
Chapter 1.
Chapter 1. Andara Hazel"Hahaha feel it! See how fun it is to see that pretentious face covered in blood!" exclaimed an unknown figure to Andara Hazel.The man whose body was being sliced into irregular pieces to expel internal organs dangled onto the operating bed.There was no anesthesia to ease the pain, it was a heinous and inhumane act."Isn't this enough?" exclaimed someone who couldn't bear to see Andara's helpless condition.And that compassion is met with a glare because it feels like the fun has been interrupted.A few seconds of probing eyes turned around."You better shut up! Or I'll sew you up with this thread!" snapped A man wearing glasses showed the thread in his hand.No face could be seen clearly because it was tightly covered with an all-green outfit with a mask and head covering. Only two eyeballs were visible."That's right! If you really can't bear it, just get out of here! I don't want to lose my hard-earned title!" "This boy already has evidence to report our
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2. Tragedy's Meanwhile, in a public cemetery. A girl named Abel was mourning her mother's final resting place.The small eyeballs continued to look, accompanied by tears that did not want to stop. Occasionally glancing to look for the whereabouts of Andara, who is none other than her biological brother."Brother, where exactly are you?"The sad sight of a teenage girl who had just been left by a loved one, now not yet dry tears crying for her mother's departure. The only brother she had had disappeared somewhere.Andara, is Abel hazel's biological sister. They are just two siblings raised by Ana. Their biological father does not know where he is because Ana has never married even though she has two children.An atmosphere of grief prevailed, and no relatives were willing to come. However, there was something odd."Why are the doctors willing to bury Mom in such a luxurious place? They even waived all treatment costs while in the hospital."Abel's conscience looked around, the
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3. Mission first [Pip! telepathic speech activation process][Pip! Agent 123 You can say it without worrying!]"I even forgot I had a father, you don't have to worry either!""Let's carry out this mission!"[Pip! Alright. process of shutting down the telepathic link!][Pip! Introductory greetings! Begin!]The tense faces of many people saw Andara's strange movements. But soon, Andara's reaction became normal again."Good afternoon! My name is Agent 123. I was ordered by Doctor Jonson to come on a mission!"Andara introduced hisself, as Alfa played the memory that Doctor Jonson had designed.Robert's eyes kept looking at Andara's face,"Why is this Agent's face familiar? Have we met before?"Robert's feelings watching Agent 123's face were full of question marks, but because Andara's face was different it was impossible to recognize again. Only one organ of Andara's eye retina was taken from his former body part. So the gaze of Agent 123's eyes still exuded the aura of the old
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4. UncoveredAs soon as Andara lifted the sedan car body, he saw the bomb assembly and immediately pulled the cable to disconnect it.[Pip! Explosion defused!][Pip! Mission accomplished]Without hesitation, pulled the bomb assembly from under the car.Then Andara carefully returned the car to its original position.The homemade bomb had been successfully defused. Violently throwing it to destroy it made the situation safely under control."Blarr!" The booming sound in the air came from the bomb that you deliberately exploded. Debris in the form of smoke in the form of charcoal flew in the air."I have a bomb in my car?"Indeed, this fact made Robert dumbfounded, not even realizing that there was a danger that was with him earlier.Alisya arrived with a sharp intake of breath. The young girl was also dumbfounded."So, that's your excuse?" Alisya asked Andara."That's right! And the bomber is him!"Andara pointed his index finger at Elzo. The enemy behind the blanket that no on
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5. Traitor"Ah... baby... emh... why are we doing reproductive activities here, shouldn't we be taking care of Elzo's corpse?"Alisya's lips moaned with pleasure as Tio's missile poked her intimate hole. Although the sun was scorching her body. It didn't seem to diminish the pleasure of the intimate struggle they were having."Honey ... can't we just enjoy it? It's been five days since we've done this, hasn't it?"Tio's protest wanted Alisya to remain silent. Alisya smiled wryly, her luscious lips crushed by Tio.They already don't care about the open place as a witness to the ongoing hot intimate relationship.When Tio and Alisya reached climax. They put their clothes back on. Tidying up the messy hair caused by their actions."We have to be careful! Because Agent 123 can apparently see evil plans that can't even be seen through the naked eye!""Should we just stop Tio? I don't want to lose my life or lose you Tio!"Alisya said worrying about their safety. Alisya's sincere ga
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6. Alpha Mission beginsAfter Robert ended his campaign. Andara followed wherever his master went."This day really feels great!""Is there anything you want Agent 123?""Nothing sir!"Andara replied confidently without delay. Because her job was only to supervise and protect. Payments were only made directly to Doctor Jonson. And the reward for his was of course Doctor Jonson's.[Pip! Agent 123, aren't you going to borrow a vehicle?]Alfa reminded them of their plan.Meanwhile, Robert was preparing to leave. Before getting further away Andara expressed his wish to Robert."Excuse me sir, tonight I would like to borrow a vehicle... would you allow me?"Robert frowned briefly, but he realized that his facial expression had become calm again."Of course! Is that all?""Right sir!"Andara replied briefly, right now it was only the vehicle that he needed. Actually, he could have used the jet method. But it's too draining on the battery power."Alright, when you get home you can ch
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7. Abel? [Pip! Agent 123, shouldn't you be sad?]"No! What am I sad for?"Andara's indifferent reply was by design, but Alfa wanted to make his realize.The noisy sound of Alfa's movements searched for sweet memories of Andara and his mother when they were still together.[Pip! Agent 123, I hope you will avenge your mother on them!]"Isn't that for sure Alfa? That's exactly what I'm going to do!"[Pip! But I want you to cry now!]"I'm the robot Alfa! How can I cry?"Andara's denial recognized that he was no longer human. Just a machine run by Doctor Jonson.[Jonson] Pip! I will help you to become human again! But keep this secret from Doktor Jonson!]"Are you asking me to betray you?"Asked Andara listening to Alfa's statement to his.[Pip! This is not a betrayal Agent 123! This is just a hidden mission! I really pity your life story! I want you to get a decent life by making those fake Doctors die or get punished!]"Me? I don't know, my heart has honestly died. There are no
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Alfa's Past "I found a wave of feelings that started to activate in Agent 123's memory!" "Really? how could that be possible?" Amaya's questions were exactly the same as Doctor Jonson's. And now she was delving in to find the cause of this incident. "Is it possible that Alfa did all this?" "Alfa?" "Yes! Alpha is the name of Agent 123's brain-regulating machine!" "But, is that even possible? Because I have deactivated Alpha from past memories." Doctor Jonson said doubting the accusation that had just been made against Alfa. "You mean Doc? I really don't understand!" Amaya asked for an explanation. Doctor Jonson removed the round glasses, gently massaging the temples of his nose to ease the soreness. Placing the round object on the keyboard. Bringing back memories of the time when he found Alfa in an outdated laboratory building that had not been in operation for a long time. At that time Alfa who had run out of power, still in the form of a robot was critically cl
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Alisya's reasonOut of curiosity, Tio was finally interested in listening to the contents of their conversation. He stepped closer carefully so that his footsteps would not be heard.It seemed like this man was challenging death for daring to disturb a robot as powerful as Agent 123.Maybe Tio was experiencing amnesia."What exactly are they talking about? It's late? Is Alisya being ambushed?"There were many questions that Tio said, but they were not heard because they were only held in his heart.Hesitant but confident to eavesdrop was the reckless feeling that Tio was experiencing now.Although Tio had tried not to make a sound. Carefully managing the stomping of his footsteps in the end Alfa still knew. After all, who can trick a machine as smart and sophisticated as Alfa."Ah, apparently someone is planning to eavesdrop on our conversation!"Alfa was able to see Tio's movements without even looking.It smelled of the evil plan that Tio was going to plan."Ah, I have to
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Getting attackedWhile He was busy rubbing his sore butt. From the main door came a loud pounding sound as if forcing their way in."Who is it?"Tio immediately approached the door to see what was happening.Sleepiness began to creep in several times Alisya's mouth was seen yawning."Hoamh... Agent 123! I'd better go to my room! Thank you for listening to all my stories!""Good night! I want to sleep first!"Alisya said and left Alfa with Andara.***When Alisya left, from above the attic Alfa saw the suspicious movements of someone wearing black clothes and a head covering.[Pip! Activating self-return mode!]After many times Andara asked to return to the original position. Now Alfa just listened and then carried out Andara's orders after being satisfied to master the body to approach Alisya."What an unlucky robot! It's your turn to fight and you swap bodies!"Andara protest, since Alfa returned to his original position. Maybe if they were humans there would be laughter f
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