Missed time

They are nearing the west desert which Allena’s tribe is located. Along with them, the two children were bickering with one another on Sky’s side. It is making his head pound and now he regrets being close with this child.

“You okay Sky?” Fall landed beside them and near the little girl who sneak close to Sky and was like avoiding him. The children have the same hair color and they were dressed like a pair. If Nana has a soft calm face, the boy named Roku has a grumpy face that hated the world. Although he has creased brows and allergic lips to smile, he still looks cute. Sky sighs before he shook his head.

“I wanted to sleep.” Hearing this, Allena looked back and checked Sky before whispering to Alesha who nodded in return. But before they could do something for Sky, Nikkita slowed down and conjured a water bag which makes them curious but they got surprise when Sky ride on it and lie to sleep.


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