The Great One

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The Great One

By: twelfth_moon CompletedFantasy

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Got tired of the life he had been led by the people who had clutched on him as their shield, sword and tool to safety, Lysander Guilts decided to make a gamble with a devil. Happiness? Bliss? Romance? Joy? Feelings he wanted to ownᅳ to experience on his own get him to anticipate the life he wishes most but what if all of that is bullshit talks? Responsibility. Outcast. Criminal Killer. Unknown. The Villain. The world will turn and his dice of fate will move in tune of what the 「Higher One」anticipates. It is for glee or for woe? Only 「That」knows.


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173 chapters
When he wakes up
Life's never been easy. You only had found the right solution to each problems it throws.      'It has been a while.'     You only live once. That's what people believe in.        'My friend. You don't look so great.'       People believe in religions and beliefs. They believe being good will brings you to nirvana.       'Shall I help you once more?'       But being good doesn't mean being solely one will truly give you free passes to heaven.        'You who brought salvation to your world but gained despair.'       But how do you define good? How would you find it?       
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God of Eternal Night (1)
Inside the room, at the bathing room.      Cygne was being dressed with a plain but expensive black top with red jewels when he got the chance to see his face.        He could see his reflection into a large mirror attached at the side near of his bathing room which entrance is from the partition he had seen earlier.        Although it wasn't as refine as the one in his previous world, it still did its purpose.        Glistening obsidian black hair that made the night descends and a pair of crimson red eyes that shines brightly like a sun. A young face with pale skin welcomed his sight. There is a bit of fat but not too much to be called fit as he has a very skinny appearance. But that didn't gave a bad impression on him. Cygne felt amaze on how good looking his body right now.  Read more
God of Eternal Night (2)
Unknown space, undetected.  The atmosphere looming inside the grandiose hall was no joke. The pressure were multiplied in many folds that make Cygne tremble hard. It is not because of cowardice but the natural instinct of the body he was in.    A cat that resembled a fox was shining brightly with blue hues and serenity of the night appeared into thin air and... was kowtowing in front of the God of the Eternal Night, Hades.  The waves of power coming from the shuddering body of Moonlight was making Cygne gasping for air because of the tension and pressure it's giving to his body. It's a lot weaker than the one who's sitting on the throne but Cygne still find it difficult to breathe in.    According to the ancient records, many version were created to spread popularity and prestige to the one God governing the death. Among them was what the human most likely to refer to, the God of Eternal Night, Hades. The
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The Night Family (1)
Inside his room.    When Cygne opened his eyes, he was on his bed and the room was dark. Maybe because the interior was not that bright and literally have the contrasting color of black and red, it gives off a gloomy atmosphere but somewhat quiet and peaceful. Cygne or rather Lysander not find it scary as he had dealt his fair share of 'fear' when he was young.  For a couple of minutes, he stared at the ceiling while contemplating what he had just talk with the God of Eternal Night, Hades.  It really was unavoidable even if he doesn't want to get involve but, if the world's peace and order will depend on his involvement then, he have no choice but to do what he must.    Cygne was not an idiot to blatantly expose himself as an antagonist to invite enemies before him.   He wanted to enjoy his life as much as possible so he was carefully concocting a plan for the future. That is where
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The Night Family (2)
The Scythe of the Night.   Cygne gulped as he read the description that almost swallowed half the book.   『 ➢ The most ancient family in the land. The Night Family was located at the Southern part of the Kingdom of Lumineᅳentrusted to guard the South doorway. The current head, Grand Duke Cain Adam Night is a relative of the royal crown. Wed with the most beautiful lady in the Luminus Empire, they are blessed with two daughters and a son. The Night was a direct descendant of the God of the Eternal Night and revered as the strongest bloodline within Lumine...』  A lot of things was listed. Lineage. Founder. Previous Head. Relationship with Hades. Political strength and affiliates. But Cygne just flip the book to obtain knowledge like he usually does when he needed 'power'.  'Could it be... Night? Direct descendants of the God of Eternal Night..
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The Night Family (3)
Night's mansion, underground prison.   Within a cell that have thick metal bars which is too much to lock a normal human being, a lone man was standing with his arms crossed. He got a neat black hair that almost reach his shoulders that cleanly being tied to emphasize his clean face. It was attractive and any woman will turn their heads for second glances. His height made him more majestic and most of the people look up to him as a God but he is farther from the statement. Young ladies to married woman, they are dazzled and love him to the point of confessing and asking for his hand in marriage. It brought a great scandal to their kingdom but later on subsided when he himself got married.   In this place that several grounds beneath the estate, many chambers was created to hold prisoners that had made grievous sins. There is two people being locked on the cells that's facing one another. And in that, the m
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The Night Family (4)
Cygne's room, end of the corridor on the second floor.    Cain's gaze landed to the blood that have been spilled on the carpeted floor with traces in the sheets of the bed and the doctor's white coat. Instantly his aura surrounded the room and servants gasps for air. Even Kirsten flinched from the sudden chill. He rarely see this kind of him. Although they are now can be called as family, he just couldn't blame this weird of a friend of his that when comes to his closes people, his reserved and calm aura left him. Cain remained standing at the entrance and did not go inside. He doesn't know what exactly this emotion that is swelling inside him was but, he categorized it as something he doesn't want to feel. It's making him weak which is not acceptable for a Night to feel as they are the ruler and the hand that balances good and bad. His brows furrowed like he couldn't understand. His facial features gotten refined from flexing his facial muscles tha
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Second basement level underground training grounds.      "Ha!"     "Your pose is awkward!"     "Acck! Huup!"     There was a lot of shouts and screams that filled the training ground that is located at the second basement level of the mansion.   But, one distinct voice was silently being suppressed to not attract attention. The person intentionally endure not to scream or shout from the immense sparring he is in right now. Precise. Fast. Cruel. There is no softness in every strike and the attacks are getting heavier and sharp at each round.     "Ack--!! Haa.."     "Tsk...Hmm... Groan."     But his efforts are for naught because pitying gazes are gathering with him at the center. Cygne can only click his tongue inwardly.&nbs
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Training (2)
Night's mansion.  Pant. Pant.   A young boy was running across the mansion in his tight black fitting clothes. His arms and legs were being wrapped with a few weight bracelets that weighs 20 kilos each. All in all he was carrying 80 kilos plus the 20 kilos belt hanging in his waist, 100 kilos.  "Goddammit! Huuuu!"  It was his tenth lap and his legs was already shaking from the tremendous weights he put on him. It was a miracle that he hasn't fainted after doing this ridiculous idea he put himself into a week ago.  It is indeed definitely made him fainted the the very first day. After that, he didn't give up after a few fainted days he barely passed out yesterday and today he have a feeling that he wouldn't be waking up from another place.   The young boy Cygne was running around the estate
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Thread of Chaos
    ❝Looking around, darkness can be found. Murmurs getting loud but not clear enough to sound. Trying to move but chains were clashing in every move. Why does the body tied? Planes are clearer to feel yet far to grasps. Aura's clashing like violent storms and yet calm voice reverberated in the room.  One question remained in mind. "Why am I here?❞   ---   Before the sun peeks at the world, there was a lone figure who's jumping from trees to trees. It was so soft that no one will be able to notice. The figure was draped with black from head to toe and in its waist was a chain with two sharp sickles.  It move nimbly and dodged the needles effortlessly. After shooting three needles, the pursuer dash to its right and threw a dagger. The figure leap in the air and maneuvered its body sideways, making the needles and the dagger passed through each other with the figure in between. <
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